Graff Golf

A "Smart" Golf Ball

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Sports & Recreation


Baltimore, MD

Graff Golf sells the world’s first “smart” golf ball and analytics platform.

Its golf balls are embedded with patented electronics that enable golfers to capture statistics for every shot they hit. The more shots a player hits, the more accurate their data becomes.

Each ball records stats including shot velocity, launch angle, shot distance, and spin rate. This information is presented in a complementary smartphone app. Players simply connect the ball to their mobile device and start golfing.

Graff Golf has partnered with the largest golf ball manufacturer in the U.S., and aims to begin production in 2020. The company has raised $85,000 from private investors, and won a startup competition at Johns Hopkins University.

Team Background

Michael Eberle - Chief Technology Officer
Aaron Shapiro - Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Kelly - Vice President of Product