Greenbox Robotics

Vending Machines for Cannabis

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Marina Del Rey, CA

Greenbox is a robotics company focused on the fast-growing cannabis industry.

It’s created automated machines that enable consumers to purchase wellness products. These products are derived from plant-based medicines including Cannabidiol, known as “CBD,” an active ingredient in marijuana.

According to Grand View Research, in 2019, the global CBD consumer health market was valued at $20 billion. Last year, that jumped to nearly $25 billion.

Greenbox’s machines make it easy for consumers to find and purchase the product that’s right for them. They can sort through products based on desired effects, or choose from categories such as “Drift & Dream,” “Relief & Recovery,” and “Relaxation.” Each machine features ID scanners, temperature-controlled storage, and payment processing with Apple and Google Pay.

Greenbox machines can be found in malls, grocery stores, and convenience stores. They’ve also been featured at prominent events including SXSW, Coachella, and various music festivals.

Team Background

Caroline Murphy - Chief Marketing Officer
Zack Johnson - Founder & CEO
$28K (11%)
Current Valuation
$8.42 million
Min. Investment
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Title III
(For all investors)
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  • $75K
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