Grow With Jane

Helping Users Grow Cannabis at Home

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Boulder, CO

Grow With Jane is a mobile app that helps users grow their own cannabis.

This platform guides users through each step of the growing process, from germination to flowering. It provides users with a journal and calendar, enabling them to track their progress and follow a detailed schedule.

According to Grand View Research, the global legal marijuana market will surpass $73 billion by 2027. In the U.S., 33 states and Washington D.C. have already enacted some form of legalization.

But many users find that buying cannabis is too expensive. Dispensaries in the U.S. charge between $100 to $400 per ounce.

Growing it at home is less expensive, and offers more convenience, access, and control.

According to a recent poll by Garden Research, 19 million U.S. households said they would grow cannabis at home if it were legal. As of October 2019, 17 states and Washington D.C. allow some form of legal at-home cultivation of cannabis.

Grow With Jane provides tools for these prospective growers. Its app was created to help both novice and experienced cannabis growers.

The company’s app reminds users when to perform tasks like watering, adding bug repellant, and trimming. It also provides users with a “GrowLog.” This enables them to record all of their progress — pictures, methods used, equipment, and how they fixed any problems. These logs can be made public, enabling other users to learn how to grow similar plants.

Through the app, users can select from hundreds of strains of cannabis in the Grow With Jane system. They can input where their plant is in the growth process, as well as details about the specific growing environment.

This data can be helpful to other users in identifying best practices and methods. At the same time, Grow With Jane can use this crowdsourced information to create advice and features to be shared with its users.

Grow With Jane uses a “freemium” business model. Members can access its basic features for free, which include the journal and growing calendar. Premium features (which include detailed graphs and statistics, and prioritized customer support) require a paid subscription.

Currently, premium subscriptions cost $7.49 per month or $34.99 per year.

Moving forward, the company may offer three different “bundles,” each of which will cost $7.49 per month or $34.99 per year. Each bundle will contain a handful of current and future features. The full package will cost $17.99 per month.

Grow With Jane launched in 2017. In summer 2019, the company graduated from the CanopyBoulder accelerator, a program for startups targeting the legal cannabis industry.

As of February 2020, the company has more than 25,000 monthly users and 296 paid subscribers. Its paid subscriber figure has grown each month since premium features were introduced in July 2019.

With funds raised, it will increase its marketing budget and focus on software development and new paid features.

One such feature is an Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition System. This system would diagnose signs of plant sickness, identify plant gender, and send recommendations to users on the platform.

Essentially, it would analyze an uploaded photo of a plant and assign a statistical probability to its overall health.

Team Background

Gaston Lozano - Co-Founder & Chief Product Manager

Gaston has a background in software development, and served as Grow With Jane’s Chief Technology Officer before moving into his current role.

He began his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers, handling technical support for the professional services company.

From there, he was a developer with Strategery, an Internet services company. He then held the same role with Summa Solutions, another Internet services company.

Most recently, he spent six years as a developer with Teza Web, an instructional design company.

Gaston studied Systems Engineering at the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional in Argentina.

Nicolas Botti - Co-Founder & CEO

Before starting Grow With Jane, Nicolas was an IT consultant for Giux, an Internet services company based in Argentina.

Prior to that, he provided technical support for a government organization in Buenos Aires.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa.

Daniel Kim - Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel previously worked as a pipeline engineer with VFX Boat, an entertainment company connecting artists, technical directors, and producers in the entertainment market.

Before that, he worked in the media industry for a company called Aleph Media, where he served in operations.

He studied at Escuela Nacional de Experimentacion y Realizacion Cinematografica in Argentina.

Roque Terrani - Co-Founder & CTO

Before Grow With Jane, Roque worked with Gaston at Teza Web, an instructional design company. The two also worked together at Summa Solutions, an Internet services company.