Innovative Eyewear

"Smart" Glasses With Voice Assistant Technology

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Miami, FL

Innovative Eyewear makes prescription “smart” glasses with Bluetooth capabilities.

Its glasses enable the wearer to listen to music, talk on the phone, and use voice assistants to perform various functions.

The company’s team first entered the smart eyewear industry in 2017, when it founded Lucyd. Lucyd has developed and sold more than 2,000 pairs of Bluetooth eyewear over the past three years. In March 2020, Innovative Eyewear acquired the license to use the Lucyd brand name.

Innovative Eyewear also secured a three-year brand ambassador contract with NFL star Richard Sherman. Sherman was previously an ambassador for Beats headphones, which was acquired by Apple.

Team Background

Konrad Dabrowski - Co-Founder & CFO
David Cohen - Co-Founder & CTO
Harrison Gross - Co-Founder & CEO
$1.07 million
$164K (15%)
Current Valuation
$3.75 million
Min. Investment
Deal Type
Title III
(For all investors)
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