Fully Autonomous Security Robots

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Mountain View, CA

Knightscope builds autonomous crime-fighting robots.

These award-winning security robots help reduce criminal activity and make public spaces safer. Equipped with 360-degree cameras, thermal scanning, and Artificial Intelligence, Knightscope robots provide fully autonomous security and surveillance without any human intervention.

The company’s robots have proven to increase safety and decrease crime. After being deployed around Huntington Park, California for one year, the robots helped create a 46% decrease in crime reports and a 27% increase in successful arrests.

Knightscope has raised more than $70 million from investors. And the company has been issued eight patents. To date, it’s developed a fleet of robots, including the K1 Stationary, K3 Indoor, and K5 Outdoor models.

Team Background

Mercedes Soria - Chief Intelligence Officer
Stacy Stephens - Chief Client Officer
William Li - Chief Executive Officer


Bright Success Capital

A VC firm that invests in innovative seed- and growth-stage tech companies focused on software, robotics, AI, and security.

Konica Minolta

A Japanese technology company that manufactures products ranging from business solutions to healthcare systems.

Meyer Equity

An investment firm targeting "disruptive" startups.

Silicon Valley Bank

Financial company working with venture capital, private equity, and technology-related businesses. Prior investments include Square, Lending Club, and Jet.

$25 million
$3.17 million (13%)
Current Valuation
$447 million
Min. Investment
Deal Type
Title III
(For all investors)
Offering Type
Finance History
  • $3.50 million
    Silicon Valley Bank
    (Debt Financing)
  • $26 million
    Konica Minolta
    (Equity Crowdfunding)
  • $9.40 million
    (Series B)
Notable Investors
  • Bright Success Capital
  • Konica Minolta
  • Meyer Equity
  • Silicon Valley Bank
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