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Removing 1 Trillion Pieces of Junk from Space

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Boca Raton, FL

Outer space is expected to become a trillion-dollar industry. But there’s a growing problem: space junk.

Right now, thousands of dead or retired satellites are floating around in outer space. So are parts of spacecraft from decades-old missions, and random items left behind during space-related tests. Within five years, there’s projected to be 1 trillion pieces of orbital debris. As this problem grows, it could significantly hinder the space-travel and tourism markets.

Launchspace Technologies Corporation is developing a solution. It’s using low Earth Orbit satellites to detect, track, and even remove orbital debris. Its patented solution is designed to protect astronauts, satellites, and the International Space Station.

Launchspace Technologies has relationships with leaders at NASA, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Space Force. It also has a Space Act Agreement with NASA. As part of this agreement, NASA is designing custom materials for the company’s debris-tracking satellites.

Notably, Launchspace Technologies has signed a contract with Airbus, an aerospace company, to test its orbital debris tracking solution for 12 months on the Bartolomeo platform, a component of the International Space Station. This test is expected to begin in 2023.

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Marshall Kaplan - Co-Founder & CTO
John Bauman - Co-Founder & CEO
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