Liberty Access Technologies

Charging System For Electric Buses and Vans

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Electric Vehicles


Santa Barbara, CA

Liberty Access Technologies makes electric vehicle charging systems for workplaces and schools. According to company research, this is where 80% of electric vehicle charging occurs.

The company’s patented HYDRA-RX AC Fast Charger charges vehicles at a fraction of the cost of other charges.

Liberty was recently selected by California’s largest utility for a pilot program using excess solar power to charge school buses. This gives the company “first mover” status with school districts and state agencies.

Since launching in 2009, Liberty has deployed nearly 150 HYDRA systems across the U.S., powering electric vehicles for clients including Los Angeles County, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and San Diego Gas & Electric.

Its charging stations have been installed at major corporations including Dow Jones, Unilever, and Campbell’s Soup.

Team Background

Michael Keane - Chief Technology Officer
Chris Outwater - Founder & CEO
$277K (259%)
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Title III
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