Lolaark Vision Inc.

Changing How Machines See the World

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Computer & Software


Houston, TX

Lolaark Vision is changing the way machines see the world.

It’s a tech company creating software to make photographs, recorded videos, and even real-time video easier to view.

As Lolaark Vision says, this software isn’t a luxury — it’s the next step in an evolution of live video stream restoration.

Increasingly, human vision is being replaced or complemented by camera vision. Operations such as self-driving cars, drones, security and surveillance, underwater inspections, and medical imaging often use cameras and real-time video.

These use-cases represent several massive markets. For example:

• The autonomous car market is projected to reach $556 billion by 2026.

• Video surveillance is projected to become a $144 billion market by 2027.

• Drones will become a $63 billion market by 2025.

• And medical imaging is already a $16 billion global market.

These industries rely on accurate, clear camera views to provide the necessary visibility. Many times, visibility isn’t just required for efficiency — it’s necessary to save lives.

The problem is that most imaging operations can’t handle poor conditions, impacted by glare, fog, rain, snow, murky water, or even a lack of light. Any of these variables can significantly reduce visibility and hinder a camera’s performance.

The challenge is to find fast and efficient ways to improve visibility. Lolaark Vision is ready to meet this challenge.

This company has created software that make cameras see clearly in real-time. Its technology can be applied to any high-definition (HD) camera without special optical instrumentation. And it can have an impact on all of the industries mentioned above. For example:

For self-driving cars, Lolaark Vision’s software can assist Artificial Intelligence-based autopilot systems by improving the visual quality of cameras. It can help a human or computer detect objects on the road.

Its technology can greatly enhance the quality of surveillance and security footage, helping users identify faces or objects captured on tape.

For marine operations, cameras can now capture clear live-stream video underwater. And in biomedical imaging, this company’s software can enhance visibility for scans and medical cameras.

Lolaark's target customers are businesses in these markets that use cameras for everyday applications.

The company has developed mathematical models and algorithms for its technology, as well as working prototypes for both real-time and “offline” visibility enhancement.

Its live video prototypes can process 720p video at 25 frames per second in real-time. And its offline prototype can process videos up to 4k resolution and 60 frames per second.

Lolaark has a provisional patent covering its software, and aims to make its technology available by 2023.

Team Background

Emanuel Papadakis - President & Director

Emanuel has more than 22 years of experience in applied mathematics. His area of research includes image and video processing, computer vision, and deep learning.

In addition to his role with Lolaark Vision, he is a professor at the University of Houston, where he’s taught for more than 20 years.

He earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece.

Sanat Upadhyay - Vice President & CTO

Sanat is the primary inventor of Lolaark Vision’s software technology, which he initially formulated as part of a research project with co-inventor Emanuel Papadakis.

Sanat has nearly a decade of Research & Development experience in applied mathematics, computer science, software development, and microscopy.

Randy Gagnon - Secretary & Director

Randy is one of Lolaark’s domain experts, specializing in the field of marine operations.

He is the CEO of Texas Commercial Diving, a company serving the maritime industry and specializing in underwater ship repair, propeller polishing, and underwater seal replacement. Randy works with Lolaark to ensure its technology can improve optical performance for the marine industry.

Dipendra Singh - Director & Advisor

Dipendra is a seasoned entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded several startups. He has extensive experience in business development and corporate finance.

Notably, he is the Founder of INET Business Solutions, a company advising small- and medium-sized businesses, including Lolaark Vision.

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