A Home-Care Robot With Advanced AI

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New York, NY

MindAI is changing the way we interact with Artificial Intelligence, starting with a personalized home robot.

It’s created “Melinda,” a home-care robot equipped with Artificial General Intelligence, or AGI.

AGI is essentially an improved version of Artificial Intelligence. While many AI platforms need large volumes of data to yield accurate results, AGI learns from concepts, not data. AGI technology is designed to think and function similar to the human brain. And it can equip machines with common sense knowledge and spatial reasoning.

Melinda is designed to complete the following tasks:

• Health management: it can track medication regiments and monitor key health vitals 24/7.

• Mobility assistance: Melinda can lock/unlock doors via voice command, and transport items around the home.

• Accident prevention and response: the robot can detect falls, and even call emergency services.

The market for household robotics is projected to reach roughly $50 billion by 2027. MindAI has developed a working prototype, and has created its own AGI speech assistant and biometrics software.

Team Background

Silei Shan - Co-Founder
Roger Ouch - Co-Founder
$9,811 (10%)
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Title III
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