“Smart” Glasses for the Visually Impaired

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Augmented Reality


Newport Beach, CA

NuEyes is using Augmented and Virtual Reality to assist the visually impaired.

It’s developed a line of “smart” glasses that help bring sight to the more than 280 million visually impaired people around the world.

The company’s glasses feature 1080p resolution, magnification, and the ability to stream content.

NuEyes launched the very first pair of AR smart glasses in the U.S. that connect to smartphones and tablets. And the company has partnerships with Comcast (customers of its cable television service can watch content through NuEyes glasses) and United Healthcare (this enables those who use NuEyes glasses to receive 100% reimbursement).

NuEyes has raised nearly $2 million from professional and angel investors. And it achieved 218% revenue growth in 2020. It’s seeking capital to launch its latest pair of glasses in early 2021.

Team Background

Trevor Backlin - Executive Vice President
Regina Chatman - Senior Vice President of Sales
Mark Greget - CEO
$1.07 million
$65K (6%)
Current Valuation
$25 million
Min. Investment
Deal Type
Title III
(For all investors)
Offering Type
Finance History
  • $500K
    (Common Stock)
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