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Newark, NJ

nVIAsoft is putting digital security in your hands… literally.

It’s developed patented technology called Verihand, which creates a unique digital identification using your hand’s biometric pattern. Verihand reads your entire hand, rather than individual fingers or palm. This creates a strong, contactless authentication process.

nVIAsoft’s solution is a form of biometrics technology, a market projected to reach nearly $60 billion by 2025. This is a much-needed market, as more than 155 million individuals had their personal data either exposed or stolen in 2020. Even today, there’s a new victim of identity theft every two seconds.

Verihand is intended to replace passwords, key fobs, personal IDs, and magnetic cards. nVIAsoft received a patent for its technology in 2017 and introduced it in 2019. The company has partnerships with those in the manufacturing, data infrastructure, telecommunications, and technical support markets.

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Don Gerraputa - Chief Operating Officer
Bernard Garcia - Founder & CEO
$1.07 million
$55K (5%)
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$93.70 million
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Title III
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