Orbital Assembly

Construction in Outer Space

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Outer Space


Fontana, CA

Orbital Assembly is developing real estate in space.

Working with hardware vendors, this company has developed the technology and capabilities to build structures in space, and do so at a significantly lower cost than the traditional method of building them on Earth and transporting them to space.

Over the last three years, Orbital Assembly has designed, built, and demonstrated a full-scale prototype of its automated building machine, DSTAR. It’s also completed a schematic design of its Voyager-class station, a station that will feature artificial gravity, enabling a permanent in-space workforce to build and maintain large-scale structures.

Team Background

Rhonda Stevenson - President & CEO
Tom Spilker - VP of Engineering
$1.10 million
$124K (11%)
Current Valuation
$171.04 million
Min. Investment
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Title III
(For all investors)
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