Perrone Robotics

Turning Existing Cars into Self-Driving Vehicles

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Autonomous Vehicles


Crozet, VA

The market for autonomous vehicles is worth $54 billion. But building and deploying these vehicles requires extensive time, effort, and capital.

Perrone Robotics offers an alternative. It makes it easy to deploy fleets of autonomous vehicles. To do this, the company uses “TONY,” which stands for “To Navigate You.” This proven autonomous retrofit kit adds driverless technology to existing vehicles, and works with the company’s software platform, Mobile Autonomous ‘X.’

Perrone focuses on building fleets where autonomous vehicles can operate within defined boundaries. These include residential neighborhoods, military bases, distribution centers, and airports. This enables the company to demonstrate the effectiveness of its driverless technology in relatively controlled environments.

TONY is being used at the Fort Carson Army base in Colorado, and in all electric transit vans within the Jacksonville Transportation Authority.

The company generated nearly $3 million in revenue in 2020. And its sales pipeline presents $165 million in additional revenue opportunities.

Team Background

Nolan Bushnell - Board Member
Paul Perrone - Founder & CEO


Intel Capital

A venture capital division of Intel, whose portfolio includes DocuSign, Cloudera, and iZettle.

$1.07 million
$132K (12%)
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$59.20 million Cap / 15% Discount
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Title III
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  • $2.61 million
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  • $150K
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  • Intel Capital
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