Personal Airline, Incorporated

Uber for Air Travel

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Air Travel


Thousand Oaks, CA

Personal Airline, Incorporated (PAX) provides low-cost, on-demand personal air travel.

Just as startups like Uber and Lyft disrupted the ground transportation market, this company aims to do the same for air travel.

PAX caters to regional travelers. Traditionally, most airlines don’t have direct flights to less popular destinations, and travelers are forced to either drive or compete for seats on a handful of available flights.

With PAX, travelers can receive custom flight plans based on their requests, and find available flights on-demand with per-seat shared pricing.

PAX is headed by co-founders with more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry. The company’s platform launched in California, its initial market, in July 2019.

Team Background

Bruce Sawhill - Co-Founder & CTO
Mike Azzarello - Co-Founder & CEO