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PointerTop brings face-to-face communication to e-commerce platforms.

Created by a team of MIT graduates and Microsoft veterans, this company’s patented software helps salespeople sell their products — live — online. Sales agents can interact virtually with customers face-to-face, helping them become more confident in the purchasing process and more likely to buy.

This is a timely service in the wake of Covid-19. As a result of the pandemic, employees of all types are working remotely. This has led to a surge in interest in what are known as Cloud Contact Solutions. In the U.S. alone, this is a $9 billion market.

Such solutions help e-commerce businesses conduct sales. But traditionally, the tools these businesses have at their disposal are digital shopping carts or “chatbots.”

But what if a business needs actual agents to help sell its product or service? And what about customers who prefer to deal with humans?

This is the purpose of PointerTop’s new software, CrozTop.

CrozTop was designed to serve what are known as “high-touch” companies. These are companies that require the involvement of human agents in the sales process — because the product or service is complicated, the sales process is complicated, or the product or service requires a high level of trust to transact.

Years back, when PointerTop’s team was working on a previous business, they went looking for web tools that facilitated person-to-person transactions online. They couldn’t find anything except a chat service that provided quick, pre-written answers to basic questions.

The team sought the productivity boost that high-tech web tools offer, while still enjoying the cost-saving benefits of a call center. So it decided to start PointerTop. It then invented and patented CrozTop.

With CrozTop, companies can use human agents to support and sell to customers right through their website. They engage in web-conference-style audio and video calls, but neither the agents, nor the customers, have to leave the website or download anything.

With this tool, agents can launch sales pitch presentations, show demonstrations and testimonial videos, create customized quotes, and sign customer agreements.

It was critical that CrozTop be easily accessible to customers, and as easy to use as a phone or e-mail. So PointerTop spent five years developing the platform to get the right mix of interactivity tools, reports, and user graphics.

PointerTop sells its software to businesses via monthly subscriptions. Businesses can choose between three tiers (Professional, Corporate, and Enterprise), and pay $99, $145, or $165 per month, respectively.

PointerTop has recently started generating revenue, targeting small- and medium-sized businesses. To date, it’s attracted over 40 customers. In the midst of Covid, however, the company has been getting interest from larger businesses.

It’s now seeking capital to scale its business and attract these customers.

Team Background

Jason Junge - Chief Executive Officer

Jason is a longtime information-technology strategist with experience developing sales-related software.

Prior to starting PointerTop, he was CEO of Telexa, a telecommunications company offering sales software. Before that, he was CEO of Frontera Communications, another telecommunications service provider.

Notably, Jason spent time as Director of Financial Strategy for Microsoft. Prior to that, he was a consultant with Strategy&, a management consulting firm.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Management Science from MIT and an MBA from Northwestern University.

Hugo Ramirez - Sales & Marketing

Hugo joined PointerTop in January 2019 after spending 14 years with General Motors, an auto manufacturer. While there, he was a brand manager and a marketing manager for the Central America and Caribbean regions.

Before that, he spent nearly a decade with Nissan, another auto manufacturer. He served as a product coordinator and a marketing product chief.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Tecnologico de Monterrey.

Rafael Saavedra - Chief Technology Officer

Rafael has worked with startups for 30 years. Over the course of his career, he’s been a part of several successful “exits,” and been awarded multiple patents for his work.

Most recently, Rafael co-founded Trace.Coffee, a logistics company focused on supply chain issues in the beverage market. Before that, he co-founded LookyLoo, an e-commerce platform incorporating Artificial Intelligence into the online shopping experience.

Earlier, he was Chief Technology Officer with Drive Time Metrics, an automotive services company. Before that, he was Vice President of Technology with Aha Mobile, an internet services company. He began his career as a software architect with Motorola, a cell phone manufacturer.

He studied at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

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