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PureWine has developed patented filtration technology that alleviates the common side effects from drinking wine.

The company’s two products reverse wine "intolerance" by filtering components in wine linked to symptoms such as headaches, congestion, skin flush, and upset stomach.

PureWine has multiple U.S. and international patents on its products, and the company’s Founder has 25 years of experience as a health and medical products executive.

Today, roughly 39% of American adults drink wine, and annual wine sales in the U.S. are about $66 billion.

Of that figure, women ages 21 to 59 spend $42 billion buying 1.4 billion bottles a year. Yet 43% of women in this group report suffering from wine intolerance.

In total, 36 million U.S. adults suffer moderate to frequent side effects from drinking wine. It turns out, the cause of these effects may not be the alcohol, but rather the histamines and sulfites found in red, white, rose, and sparkling wines.

PureWine works to remove the four kinds of histamines and two kinds of sulfites which trigger some of the side effects from drinking. Importantly, the company's products work without changing the taste, aroma, or color of the wine.

PureWine has developed two products: one for the glass and one for the bottle.

The “Wand” filters a single glass of wine, and is placed directly in the drink. The Wand is available in 5-, 10-, 30-, and 90-unit packages, and the average retail cost of each device is $2.

The “Wave” attaches to the bottle, and filters and aerates the wine as the user pours. The Wave is available in 1- and 3-unit packages, and the retail cost of a single Wave is $9.99.

PureWine has secured five U.S. and international patents, including one on its “NanoPore” filtration technology, which targets the histamines and sulfites found in wine.

The company has purchase orders from multiple retailers, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Total Wine, World Market, and TJX Home Goods.

In 2017, PureWine generated approximately $937,000 in sales, a 200% increase from 2016. The company’s customer acquisition cost is $25 and its lifetime value is $405.

Moving forward, PureWine aims to launch its third product in 2019. This is a disposable cartridge filter that fits into a permanent aerator. This is similar to the “razor and blades” business model that transformed Dollar Shave Club into a billion-dollar company.

In addition, the company is looking into licensing its technology to high-volume wine producers to remove histamines before wine goes into the bottle. PureWine plans to expand its products internationally, and could develop products to be used in drinking verticals such as beer and spirits.

Team Background

Tim Munoz - Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer

Prior to joining PureWine, Tim led a consumer packaged goods accelerator focused on the health and wellness sectors. While there, he guided companies affiliated with Proctor and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and PepsiCo.

He was formerly Chief Marketing Officer for Legg Mason (NYSE: LM), an investment management company. In addition, he served as Vice President of Marketing at Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) and Verizon.

David Meadows - Co-Founder & CEO

David has spent 25 years as a health and medical products executive, and holds nearly 100 patents.

For 18 years, he was Vice President of Research & Development for Alcon Laboratories, a global medical company owned by Novartis (NYSE: NVS).

In addition, he served as Principal Scientist for Allergan Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: AGN), where he specialized in commercializing over-the-counter products and medical devices.

David earned a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and a Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Derek Meadows - Co-Founder & Operations Lead

Along with his father, David, Derek co-invented PureWine’s system.

Derek is responsible for managing the company’s supply chain and overseeing quality assurance.

Prior to starting the company, he was a gymnast and acrobat at Cirque du Soleil. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and Earth Science from Wheaton College.

Greg Anderson - Head of Sales

Greg leads PureWine’s sales efforts.

He previously founded Greg Anderson Marketing & Communications, a consulting agency focused on brand development and consumer engagement.

For 12 years, he worked as Director of Marketing for Red Bull, focusing on the company’s clients in the southern U.S.

In addition, he spent time as Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball franchise.

Greg earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Iowa and a Master’s in Sports Administration from Ohio State University.


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