SanMelix Laboratories

Innovative Medical Treatment for Wounds

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Health & Wellness (non-internet/mobile)


Hollywood, FL

SanMelix Laboratories is creating a new type of patent-pending treatment for wounds and burns.

The U.S. Air Force is already testing one of the company's prototypes.

Its products combine advanced bioactive ingredients with the natural healing properties of Buckwheat honey. These products range from an over-the-counter solution to treat minor burns and scrapes, to advanced solutions designed to treat serious wounds in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

SanMelix Laboratories is led by a Harvard-trained physician with more than 30 years of medical experience.

The company aims to use funds raised to complete the FDA clearance process.

Team Background

Diana Sabacinski - Chief Executive Officer
Kenneth Sabacinski - Chief Medical Officer
$157K (147%)
Current Valuation
$6.56 million
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Title III
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