A "Genius" Device for Relieving Stress

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Health & Wellness (non-internet/mobile)


Camden, DE

Seventy-five percent of all doctor visits are stress-related. In the U.S., attempts to reduce stress and improve wellness have created a $300 billion market.

Sensate is targeting this market with a new way to relieve stress. It’s created a sensory stress management device that provides relaxation in just ten minutes. Just lie down, put the device on your chest, put on headphones, and let it work.

Forbes called it “a genius device.” And Men’s Journal noted that it’s “light years ahead of other calming, relaxation apps you may have tried before.”

The key is Sensate’s ability to target the central nervous system. Its device uses patented infrasonic therapy technology to help the body recover from daily stresses.

Sensate’s professional investors include TenOneTen and Unlock Venture Partners. And the company is achieving 363% annual growth.

Sales reached nearly three million dollars in 2021, and the company has a plan to reach $150 million in sales by 2025.

Team Background

Anna Gudmundson - Co-Founder & CEO
Stefan Chmelik - Co-Founder


Expert Dojo

A seed-stage startup accelerator.

TenOneTen Ventures

A VC firm investing in early-stage startups.

Unlock Venture Partners

A VC firm investing in seed-stage startups.

$1.07 million
$984K (92%)
Current Valuation
$18 million
Min. Investment
Deal Type
Title III
(For all investors)
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Finance History
  • $1 million
  • $434K
    (Priced Round)
Notable Investors
  • Expert Dojo
  • TenOneTen Ventures
  • Unlock Venture Partners
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