Sentry AI

Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Crime

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Security Software


Sunnyvale, CA

Security systems, cameras, and guards aren’t enough to prevent crime. SentryAI can help.

SentryAI uses Artificial Intelligence to keep people safe. Its software-as-a-service uses the latest AI technology to detect people and vehicles, recognize faces and license plates, and identify unusual behavioral patterns.

When added to existing security systems, SentryAI’s software reduces the number of “false alarms” and improves the accuracy of these systems 10-fold. It integrates with most cameras, video management systems, alarm automation software, and other security platforms.

SentryAI has partnerships with leading security providers and technology companies. It has 1,300 paid users in 37 countries and its software has enhanced 30,000 cameras and processed 200 million images.

SentryAI has received grants from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud. It was named IIT Bay Area Alumni’s Most Popular Startup and was the top startup at the Global AI Conference 2020.

Team Background

Farhat Ali - Chief Operating Officer
Uday Chaka - Chief Executive Officer
$1.07 million
$154K (14%)
Current Valuation
$12 million Cap / 15% Discount
Min. Investment
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Title III
(For all investors)
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  • $999K
    (Common Stock)
  • $91K
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