Airless Tire Made from Space-Age Materials

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Automobile Parts


Los Angeles, CA

SMART Tire isn’t reinventing the wheel — it’s reimagining it.

This startup is teaming up with NASA to develop a 100% airless tire.

Made with patented “shape memory alloy” technology, a super-elastic metal that pops back into place after intense strain, this tire was originally designed for missions on Mars. Now SMART Tire is commercializing this material and creating a wheel with the potential to disrupt the $250 billion tire market on Earth.

Applying shape memory alloy technology has enabled SMART Tire to create a wheel that’s elastic like rubber, strong like titanium, and completely airless. The company has already tested prototypes of its wheel on bikes and cars, and developed models that demonstrate its potential for aerospace applications.

SMART Tire has created partnerships with Felt Bicycles and Spin Mobility (part of Ford Motor Company) to introduce its tire to the cycling and shared-mobility markets.

Team Background

Calvin Young - Mechanical Engineer
Brian Yennie - Chief Technology Officer
Earl Cole - Chief Executive Officer
$5 million
$2.68 million (54%)
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$50 million Cap / 0% Discount
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Title III
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