Solstar Space Company

The First Commercial Wi-Fi In Space

Company Information



Internet Software & Services


Santa Fe, NM

By 2050, the commercial space industry is projected to be worth $3 trillion.

But to achieve such growth, a critical piece of infrastructure is needed: a communications network.

Solstar aims to provide this network by becoming the first internet service provider for outer space.

This company has successfully tested its technology on two flights with ships launched by Blue Origin, the space company created by Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos.

In April 2018, Solstar made history when a rocket ship soared 66 miles above the Earth, and used its technology to send the first commercial “tweet” from outer space.

Solstar is led by Brian Barnett, who has more than 30 years of experience in the commercial space industry. He and his team are seeking capital to establish partnerships with commercial space companies.

Team Background

Michael Potter - Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board of Advisors
Mark Matossian - Co-Founder & COO
Brian Barnett - Founder & CEO