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Sullivans Island, SC

SongSplits’ online platform intends to become the universal standard for music rights management.

The music industry is massive. By 2030, revenue from this industry is projected to reach $130 billion.

And in this industry, song splits are considered the “DNA of the music business.” These splits establish which songwriters receive credit on a song, and the breakdown of royalties. Without this information, songwriters can’t get paid.

The current system for tracking and storing these details is out of date. As a result, as much as 25% of royalties go unpaid — billions of dollars left unaccounted.

This is where SongSplits’ platform can help. It provides songwriters the tools to create, organize, and cross-verify their royalty percentages and agreements. By digitizing and centralizing this process, music publishers and distribution companies can locate the information they need.

SongSplits has 250,000 users, as well as a partnership with the Mechanical Licensing Collective.

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Al McLean - Co-CEO
Todd Wright - Director & Co-CEO
$1.07 million
$12K (1%)
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$15 million
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Title III
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