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Golden Valley, MN

Esports, short for electronic sports, are competitions involving video games. And this has become a massive industry, generating more than $1 billion a year.

But there’s a glaring gap in this market. There are no esports tournaments for mobile games, even though mobile gaming represents 48% of the global games market.

T2M is addressing this gap. It’s created an accessory for a superior mobile gaming experience. This accessory is a controller that lets gamers play without worrying about latency (how quickly a game responds to the gamer’s commands). Latency and lagging issues are the main reasons why mobile gaming hasn’t taken off.

With T2M’s controller, there’s no required software, downloads, batteries, or even charging. The controller is plug and play: gamers can plug the controller into their devices and immediately start playing.

The company’s controller is available in more than 500 Apple stores worldwide, and is the No. 1 selling standard controller on Amazon. It will soon be available in nearly 1,000 Target stores in the U.S.

Team Background

Jim Anderson - Chief Financial Officer
Vic Lee - Vice President of Engineering
Fraser Townley - President & CEO
$2.50 million
$14K (1%)
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$47.50 million
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Title III
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