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Naperville, IL

Tapville makes it easy for bars, restaurants, and retailers to implement contactless, self-pouring technology.

This technology is the secret behind the company’s “tech-focused” taprooms. Here, customers order beverages through a mobile app on their phone. They then access a wall of beer taps, which they use to pour their own drinks. Tablets above each tap indicate the specific beverage and enable customers to order additional items.

Tapville believes its contactless operating procedures, smartphone app ordering, and self-pour technology will position it to succeed in the midst of Covid-19.

Initially, Tapville featured its technology through a series of franchised restaurants. Since 2016, the company has generated more than $5 million from its first locations.

In addition to restaurants, Tapville aims to franchise self-standing and mobile kiosks. Self-standing kiosks could be set up in retail centers or airports, while mobile units could be used at outdoor events and festivals.

The first kiosk is up and running in a Chicago shopping mall, and Tapville has received more than 250 inquiries for additional franchising opportunities.

Leading Tapville is Founder Joseph Tota, who has more than 20 years of consulting experience in technology integration and organizational development. His team of advisors includes franchising expert Sean Thomas (Grandson of Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy’s) and data expert Brandt Kucharski (Chief Accounting Officer of GrubHub).

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Joseph Tota - Founder & CEO
$1.07 million
$358K (33%)
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Title III
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