The Next Frontier of Cancer Medicine

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Carlsbad, CA

TargaZyme is tackling the next frontier of cancer medicine.

It’s developed two therapeutics — TZ101 and TZ102 — that harness the power of the patient’s immune system. Working in concert with white blood cells known as “T cells,” these therapeutics fight off cancer without harmful side effects. They represent a more advanced, more effective treatment option compared to chemotherapy, radiation, or radical surgery.

In clinical trials, a single dose of TZ101 was shown to improve survival rates of terminally ill cancer patients from 64% post-100 days of transplant to 78%. TZ101 is currently in Phase 3 trials while TZ102 is being prepared for clinical trials.

TargaZyme has been awarded more than 38 global patents. And its team has experience at Harvard University Medical School, Cleveland Clinic, Yale Medical Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center.

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Lynnet Koh - Founder & CEO
Michael Lemaire - Director
$1.07 million
$26K (2%)
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$196 million
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