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Trustwire has developed what it calls “The simplest, safest way to exchange files online.”

Trustwire describes its platform as a more secure version of Dropbox (NASDAQ: DBX), a file-sharing service that has an $8.4 billion market cap.

Trustwire is targeting the $8 billion file sharing market. Specifically, the company is targeting businesses that routinely share confidential files — companies in industries such as accounting, law, healthcare, and security.

Currently, there isn’t a simple way to exchange confidential files securely, for example:

E-mail is widely used for sharing files, but is vulnerable to hackers…

Cloud storage providers have full access to users’ files…

And some encryption tools require users to share passwords, significantly weakening security.

Trustwire provides a solution with its web-based file sharing platform that enables businesses and individuals to exchange and store confidential files securely.

Trustwire uses what’s known as end-to-end encryption. Essentially, this process means only the intended recipients of files can decrypt its contents — not even Trustwire can view individual files.

With Trustwire, every user has a “public key” that is used to encrypt a file. Then, only the recipient with the corresponding “private key” can decrypt the file and access or share the information.

Trustwire’s platform doesn’t require extensive computer knowledge or training, and users can exchange or access their files anywhere through the company’s web-based portal. The platform doesn’t require any downloading or installation.

Trustwire is led by Founder Hugh Hall, who has spent nearly 20 years in the cyber security industry. Since launching its initial version in June 2018, the company has attracted more than 5,000 users.

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Hugh Hall - CEO
Angela Hall - Chairman of the Board