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Venice, CA

UNOMi sells software that helps animators efficiently create content.

Its patent-pending software is designed to automate the challenging tasks of animation production, and enable creators of all skill levels to save money and time.

This is a big opportunity. According to Research and Markets, the animation industry is expected to reach $270 billion by 2020. This is due to an increase in popularity of streaming services and the use of mobile devices.

Large movie and television studios are developing animated content. So are tens of millions of individuals who share their work across Internet platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. In fact, in 2016, these independent creators earned nearly $6 billion producing animated content.

Professional investors have turned their attention to this market’s potential, too. Venture capitalists have invested at least $3 billion into the animated content industry every year since 2015. In 2018, capital investment reached a record of more than $7.5 billion.

The problem is, creating animated content can be costly and time-consuming. Studio Pigeon, a video production company, estimates that it takes an average of roughly six weeks to produce an animation of just 60 to 90 seconds. The average cost is nearly $8,000.

UNOMi provides an affordable, faster solution to these problems with its suite of software products. The company is led by CEO Obi Onyejekwe, who has experience working for media companies like Spike TV and Nickelodeon, and sold his last company to AOL in 2016.

UNOMi’s initial product, released in September 2019, is a 2D/3D lip syncing application enabling creators to automatically sync animated mouth poses to voice-over recordings. Here’s how it works:

Users can “drag and drop” voice-over recordings onto an animation, create animated mouth poses for each character, and insert a text script of what each character is saying.

The software uses all three of these variables to create an accurate talking animated mouth. For example, if a character is saying a word that begins with the letter “L,” UNOMi’s software syncs the character’s mouth movements to match what a human mouth looks like when saying that letter.

With respect to future products, UNOMi is creating several additional pieces of software, including:

Voiceover Application: This will enable audiobook editors to scan hours of audio and track/document all errors. Typically, editors must review numerous hours of an audio clip. But with this product, all errors are tracked within an audio file and documented. UNOMi aims to release this by the end of 2019.

Motion Capture: This application will enable users to track human movement without a tracking suit or motion capture facility. This will launch by Q1 2020.

Avatar Builder: This will help users create 3D characters from scratch. Users will be able to select the avatar’s body type, clothing, hair, skin color, and accessories. This product will launch by Q2 2020.

UNOMi operates with a software-as-a-service business model. Customers purchase services and are charged a subscription fee based on the number of features they need. The company sells its products to television and film studios, independent content creators, and universities.

As for its lip sync application, a monthly subscription for two-dimensional content is $34.99 per user. An annual subscription is $385 per user.

Clients needing 3D content pay $99 per month, or $999 per year, per user.

Moving forward, UNOMi’s motion capture software will cost $3,000 for a monthly subscription, and $28,800 for an annual subscription. The voiceover application will be $1,000 per month, or $9,600 per year for a subscription. And its 3D avatar builder software will cost a one-time fee of $350 per user.

As mentioned, UNOMi launched its initial software product in September 2019. Its enterprise clients include Berdhouse Studios, a company developing short animated content for online platforms.

Prior to that, the company completed the Preccelerator Program, a startup accelerator that provides legal services, networking opportunities, and co-working space.

UNOMi was one of 25 companies selected as part of Backstage Capital’s inaugural accelerator class in March 2019.

Team Background

Obi Onyejekwe - Co-Founder & CEO

In addition to his role with UNOMi, Obi is a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Pixel Pirate Studio. This production company develops animated content and mobile games for brands.

Prior to that, he was Founder and CEO of Nito, a content branding startup that was acquired by AOL in 2016.

Throughout his career, Obi has worked in the media and entertainment industries, developing multimedia campaigns for clients including Spike TV, Nickelodeon, and BET.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Georgia State University.

Arama Brown - Co-Founder & Lead Software Engineer

Arama joined UNOMi in 2018 as the company’s Lead Software Engineer.

Before that, she was a solutions architect for OpenX, an advertising technology company. In addition, she gained five years of experience in the software consulting business by working for technology companies.

Arama earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Illinois.


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