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Henderson, NV

URentMe is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace for RVs, trailers, and motorized watercraft.

It’s a website and mobile app that enables owners to earn income from their recreational vehicles and power sports equipment. Renters, meanwhile, gain access to these vehicles and equipment without needing to spend thousands of dollars to purchase one.

In the U.S. alone, there are more than 20 million registered RVs, and 45 million "powersports" vehicles like ATVs, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles.

But research shows the majority of these vehicles are used by owners less than 30 days out of the year. This creates an opportunity for owners to earn revenue from them when they’re not being used.

Here’s how the platform works:

Owners register on URentMe’s platform and list their equipment or vehicles. They can provide descriptions, pictures, location details, and rental rates.

Renters access the marketplace and complete a booking form for the equipment they’d like to rent.

After placing a security deposit with URentMe, the renter connects with the owner through the platform’s messaging system to arrange pickup details. URentMe, meanwhile, uses its partnership with Transunion, a credit reporting agency, to run a motor vehicle check on the renter.

Once the details are arranged, the renter pays URentMe the full invoice amount, which is held by the company until the renter has picked up the vehicle and signed the rental contract.

At that point, URentMe receives the contract, and releases the payment to the owner. The company keeps part of the payment to put toward the cost of insurance and roadside assistance. In addition, URentMe nets 25% of the rental cost as a fee.

When the renter returns the equipment, assuming there are no issues, he receives his security deposit back.

In 2017, URentMe began generating revenue with the launch of its website and mobile app. In 2018, the company started offering insurance and roadside assistance benefits.

Team Background

Anthony Horovitz - Co-Founder & COO

Anthony is an avid outdoor enthusiast with an in-depth knowledge of RVs and Powersports equipment.

He has spent more than 25 years in areas including IT, sales, and marketing.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Stony Brook University.

Chris Bantoft - Co-Founder & EVP

Chris has more than three decades of experience in senior management roles.

He was previously President of Bantoft Solutions, a management consulting company. In addition, he was Vice President of Business Development for Netgain Energy Advisors, a company researching energy solutions with a focus on solar energy.

He was President of Sales and Marketing for MASS Communications, a telecommunications company.

Chris earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from University of London.