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Pelham, AL

Vizrom is developing a “smart” electronic license plate.

Its plates will display important information on-demand — such as an expired registration or alerts for stolen vehicles — and collect real-time driving data.

Vizrom has multiple pending patents for its technology, and sales are expected to begin in fall 2020. The company will initially target drivers of luxury vehicles in California, Arizona, and Michigan, three states that have authorized the use of electronic plates.

From there, Vizrom will target the 272 million registered vehicles in the U.S.

Vizrom believes its electronic plates are an opportunity to modernize the standard metal license plate, first introduced in the U.S. in 1901.

The plates will offer several benefits to users and other motorists, for example:

Users will be able to automatically renew their car’s registration using a mobile app. The plate, which displays the car’s registration number, will instantly reflect updated information.

More importantly, these plates will alert drivers on the road to a variety of issues including criminal activity.

For example, Vizrom plates can be electronically changed to indicate:

• Stolen Vehicle Alert: If a vehicle has been reported and confirmed stolen, the license plate will display “Stolen.” At the same time, a GPS tracking feature will be activated to send out a location signal. This will help law enforcement pinpoint the location of a vehicle in real time.

• Expired Parking: The plates will display the status of a car parked at a meter. In the event the meter is running low, the driver will receive a mobile alert and can add more time without needing to run to the meter. Once more time is added, the license plate will update.

• Amber Alert: These alerts for missing children, along with other emergency information, can be broadcast to the plates, alerting drivers on the road.

In addition to displaying information, Vizrom’s plates will also be used as a valuable source for collecting information. This process is known as telematics.

For example, businesses that have fleets of vehicles will be able to use Vizrom’s plates to manage their drivers. Companies will be able to gather information such as their vehicles’ locations, and monitor metrics such as a driver’s speed, miles traveled, as well as the vehicle’s oil levels.

As for individual motorists, data collected from the license plates can be used by insurance companies to offer more personalized coverage based on driving habits.

Vizrom’s license plates come with anti-theft features. If someone attempts to steal the plate from the car, the driver will receive an alert.

While other companies developing electronic license plates use a glass display that breaks easily, Vizrom uses a flexible e-paper display that can bend and stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Vizrom completed the first prototype of its plates in October 2018, and is working on a second version. Once this is completed, the company will begin pilot testing to confirm readiness of mass production. Sales are estimated to begin in Q3 2020.

Vizrom aims to sell its plates direct to consumers via its website. Each plate will cost less than $700, the price set by notable competitor Reviver. Customers will only need to purchase one plate for the back of their vehicle, and will be able to keep their metal license plate on the front in states where it’s required.

In addition to the cost of the plates, users will be required to purchase a monthly subscription plan to receive software updates and telematics data. Vizrom aims to work with mobile cellular companies to offer these plans.

Once sales begin, Vizrom will look to partner with auto manufacturers to have the plates pre-installed on newly manufactured vehicles.

Team Background

Daniel Near - Design Engineer

Daniel has experience in the field of design, with a special focus on digital signage.

Most recently, he was an electro mechanical engineer for Ebsco Sign Group, an advertising company. While there, he designed custom LED signs and created 3D models of products.

Prior to that, he spent three years as a senior LED specialist for Stewart Signs, another advertising company. Here he also developed LED video- and text-based displays, and worked to repair any product issues.

Notably, Daniel spent 11 years with HiTech Electronic Displays, serving as a test technician and later a senior field service technician.

He earned a degree in Computer Engineering from St. Petersburg College.

Emmanuel Umoh - Founder & CEO

In addition to his role with Vizrom, Emmanuel works as a network operation technician for Renasant Bank.

Prior to starting Vizrom, he spent four years as a technology analyst at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and during that time, founded Litigantz, a social media networking platform for lawyers.

He began his career as a laboratory information system analyst for LabCorp (NYSE: LH), a testing company where he worked for seven years.

Emmanuel earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Denorro Stallworth - Developer

Denorro is an experienced software developer who has completed projects for companies in the retail, insurance, and defense industries.

He started as a software developer for Infinity Insurance, where he gained exposure to the auto industry.

Following that, he was a software developer for Southern Company, a utilities business, and was a software engineer with Array Information Technology, an IT services company.

Denorro earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Juan Porras - Lead Developer

Juan is a programming expert and helps build Vizrom’s software.

He previously worked for Bright House Networks, a telecommunications company, serving as technical support. He worked at this company for nearly eight years.

Prior to that, he worked for Duracell, the battery company.