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Artificial Intelligence


Middletown, DE

In five years, more than half of all search requests will start with a voice command.

The problem is that current voice assistant technology is fragmented. These assistants are equipped with Artificial Intelligence, but every AI interprets language differently, and is designed for a different use case.

Simply put, there isn’t a universal AI for every need.

Whoelse.ai is solving this problem with its marketplace for voice assistants. Essentially, its platform is devoted to improving the performance and intelligence of AI voice assistants.

This company’s software provides voice AIs with simplified grammar that enables them to exchange information in a standardized format. If they can’t respond to a request themselves, they can look up other voice assistants for guidance.

Think of how internet browsers learned to look up websites — that’s exactly what whoelse.ai does for voice AI services.

Whoelse.ai created a demo version of its marketplace in 2018. Since then, it’s participated in accelerators and pilot programs including Next AI Toronto, Telekom Hubraum, and Creative Destruction Lab Oxford. The company aims to launch its marketplace in 2021.

Team Background

Sven Krueger - Co-Founder
Tobias Martens - Co-Founder
$1.07 million
$6,060 (1%)
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$7 million Cap / 10% Discount
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Title III
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