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Hampton, VA

WiGL is changing the way we power our devices.

It’s a wireless power company that aims to send targeted energy — meant to power your smartphones and other devices — through the air.

It does this through networks called Wireless-Electric Grid Local Air Networks, or WiGLs, for short (pronounced “wiggle”).

A WiGL works just like traditional Wi-Fi. But instead of transmitting and receiving Wi-Fi data, a WiGL-enabled transmitter uses the same raw radio frequencies (RF) as noise, and harvests these frequencies as raw power. WiGL transmits the RF to a WiGL-enabled receiver that’s connected to a device, providing it with continuous energy.

WiGL’s team has experience with MIT, Draper Laboratories, and the U.S. Air Force. In 2017, the company first tested a prototype of its technology. In 2018, it further developed this prototype and secured a patent.

Last year, the company completed a successful demonstration of its system with a Department of Defense fighter helmet. It also proved it can charge a cellphone through a demonstration with Virginia Tech, one of its partners.

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Cherif Chibane - Chief Scientist
Dr. Ahmad Glover - Founder & CEO
$1.07 million
$3.16 million (295%)
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Title III
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