Wind Craft Aviation

Hydrogen-Powered Aerial Vehicles

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Aerospace & Defense


Lowell, MI

Wind Craft Aviation is building a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle. It’s called the Sally Jean Experimental, or “SJX.”

The SJX is part of a sector within the aviation industry called Electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing, or “eVTOL.” These machines can travel autonomously, and are more versatile than traditional aircraft.

Unlike other eVTOL aircraft, which are powered with lithium-ion batteries, the SJX uses hydrogen as an energy source. This offers 10x the energy-to-weight ratio, giving the machine a greater flight range.

Wind Craft has filed two design patents and one utility patent for its aircraft. It was awarded a grant to test the machine at military sites, and aims to bring it to market in 2021.

Team Background

Allen Henviveld - Legal Counsel and CFO
Alex Taylor - Co-Founder & CEO