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Brooklyn, NY

Womp transforms your ideas into 3D realities.

Its cloud-based website enables anyone to scan and create 3D replicas of existing items, or upload sketches and images to design original 3D products. Most importantly, users don’t need to have any knowledge about 3D technology.

Many believe that 3D printing is the future. The technology is getting faster, more affordable, and more sophisticated. It’s closer than ever to impacting our everyday lives. In fact, Womp believes that, by 2030, the average consumer will 3D print 10% of everything they purchase.

These advancements are why the 3D technology market is projected to reach $108 billion by 2021, and $500 billion by 2030.

Even today, companies including Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Nike, and GE are implementing 3D technology into their businesses. Apple, for example, is developing 3D technology-related hardware, and Amazon is incorporating 3D and augmented reality into its user experience.

The problem is that 3D technology is out of reach for the average consumer. “Do-it-Yourself” and hired 3D services are complex, scattered, and expensive. And most companies specialize in just one aspect of 3D technology, such as scanning, modeling, or printing.

Womp is the first platform to merge all three of these facets. It enables anyone to create, interact, share, and print their ideas in one place — no knowledge required.

Here’s how it works:

To create copies of existing products, users upload pictures of the object they’d like to scan. They can also use a free shipping label to send the object to Womp’s printing facility. Once the company receives it, it scans the object.

Within 10 days, users can preview and inspect the 3D scan through Womp’s online platform. From there, they can either download the 3D file, decide to edit the 3D scan, or select from one of several materials and have the object 3D printed.

In addition, users can upload their own original designs, and choose from printing materials ranging from metal to plastic to stone. They can place their printing order, and receive the item in the mail.

Consider Womp user Julian. Julian mailed Womp his fiancee’s grandmother’s wedding ring. Once it was received, Womp 3D scanned it and uploaded it to Julian’s online profile.

From there, Julian previewed the image and made the necessary modifications, and then ordered 3D printed copies of the ring. Finally, he surprised his fiancee with four versions of the ring in different colors.

Womp charges professional and business users a monthly subscription fee to access the platform. In addition, individuals can purchase models and prints via flat-rate, on-demand pricing.

Womp generates 70% of its revenue through creating 3D content, and 30% through manufacturing 3D printed items. The company earns 20% to 60% margins on all 3D printed orders.

In addition, Womp licenses its software to other 3D service providers, particularly those focused on on-demand manufacturing. Finally, the company earns revenue through promoted and sponsored content on its mobile app and 3D model library.

Between 2017 and 2018, Womp tripled its revenues without spending any money on marketing or advertising. In 2019, the company is on track to earn $1 million in revenue.

Womp has released a beta version of its software, and plans to fully launch its services in early 2020. In addition, it will use funds raised to hire a Head of Content and Marketing to increase awareness and sales.

Womp is forecasting to generate $5 million in revenue in 2020, and $40 million in 2021.

Team Background

Gabriela Trueba - Founder & CEO

Gabriela has direct experience in the 3D technology industry.

Before starting Womp, she co-founded aro app, a mobile app that enables users to create interactive 3D scenes in augmented reality.

She was a computer-aided design engineer for MatterLab, a research lab affiliated with the Child Mind Institute that uses 3D technology to advance the understanding of mental health care for children.

Gabriela began her career as a fabrication specialist for Jeff Koons, a notable New York-based artist who creates large, stainless steel works of art.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Design and Applied Arts from NYU.

Laure Adamo - Head of Design

Prior to working at Womp, Laure was an interior designer for Morris Adjmi Architects. In addition, she was an interior design consultant for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.

She was an interior designer for Clean Design Partners, and began her career as an interior architecture intern for Leibar Seigneurin, a France-based architectural company.

Laure earned an Associate’s degree in Interior Design from Fashion Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture from IED Barcelona.

Alicia Riccio - Operations Manager

Alicia is a 3D printing expert and former 3D scanning engineer.

She previously worked for Abraham Cruzvillegas, a Mexican visual artist, and at Dan Colen Studio, a New York-based art studio.

Alicia earned a Bachelor’s degree from Tufts University.