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Crypto Fortunes is a powerful new investment research service that provides individual investors with trading recommendations in the digital currency markets.

The service is managed by Crowdability’s founders, Matt Milner and Wayne Mulligan. Their goal is to help you identify “crypto” trades that offer quick, big upside potential.

The market for crypto-currencies is exploding right now. For example, early investors in Bitcoin have turned every $10 they invested into more than $10 million. Early investors in Ethereum are up about 66,000%. And every week now, we’re seeing an average of 20 to 30 smaller crypto-currencies double in value.

The thing is, while these gains are real, many digital currencies are extremely volatile and very risky. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re putting your capital at great risk.

The goal of Crypto Fortunes is to identify the cryptos with the most upside potential, and the least risk.

Every month, subscribers receive a new trading idea, backed up by in-depth research. Your research will include a detailed analysis of a specific crypto-currency, including fundamental analysis of the underlying technology, entry price, target price, and details about exactly how to make the trade.

The standard price for an annual subscription to Crypto Fortunes is $4,995.

However, we’ve set a strict limit on the number of subscribers we can accept into the service. At this time, membership to Crypto Fortunes is completely full.

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