Breakthrough Alert: 3D-Print Your Food!

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, July 2, 2020

When 3D Printing first emerged, it was targeted at industrial manufacturing.

But as the printers gradually became smaller and less expensive, fascinating consumer applications started to pop up.

For example, by the early 2000s, you could print everything from toys to model cars.

This created a surge in 3D-printing stocks. For example, 3D Systems (DDD) soared by 500%.

But recently, we reached a new milestone in this sector. You see, now you can 3D-print far more than just toys and trinkets…

Now you can print your own food!

Today, I’ll explain why this technology is so timely…

And then I’ll reveal what could be a massive profit opportunity!

Are we Headed for a “Food Apocalypse”?

A few months ago, the coronavirus pandemic shut down nearly every sector.

But it spared any industry deemed to be “essential.”

And none is more essential than our food supply.

Farmers… food production facilities… grocers — even during the bleakest moments of the crisis, they all had to remain open.

After all, if we want to keep people alive, we have to feed them.

Unfortunately, as Time Magazine reported, the coronavirus was “disrupting the global food supply at every level.”

And after several major outbreaks, CNN reported that meat processing plants officially became “Covid-19 hotbeds.”

Issues like these present major logistics and health concerns…

Which is why one of our country’s most critical needs right now is this:

A better way for people to produce their own food!

Startups to the Rescue

Fortunately, a number of startups are rising to this challenge…

And some of them are producing technologies straight out of science-fiction movies.

For example, if you ever watched Star Trek, you’re familiar with a device called a “food replicator.”

Basically, a character would command the replicator to serve up a cup of hot coffee…

And “poof” — just like magic, the coffee would appear.

Well, a handful of startups are aiming to re-create this experience…

And the way they’re doing it is through 3D Printing…

3D Print Your Own Pizza!

Take Natural Machines, for example.

Natural Machines produces the Foodini:

With its 3D Printer, you simply select a food from its touch-screen menu: cookies, pasta, etc.

And in just minutes, it will automatically “print” it for you!

Then there’s Piestro

With Piestro, you can 3D print your own pizza…


Just pick your toppings like sausage, peppers, or onions…

And this device will “print it” and cook it for you!

This could help limit contact between food producers, restaurant workers, and consumers.

And with social distancing expected to be the “new normal” for the foreseeable future, a solution like this could become extraordinarily popular.

And here’s the best part…

Claim Your Stake in the Next 3D-Printing Boom

You can claim a stake in this company today!

You see, Piestro is currently raising money from investors like you, with a minimum investment of about $250.

But to be clear, just because you can invest doesn’t mean you should.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons.

On the “pro” side:

  • The market for pizza is surprisingly large: $46 billion per year. And this groundbreaking technology could disrupt a big chunk of it.
  • The company is already backed by Wavemaker, a $400 million robotics venture fund.
  • The founding team has backgrounds in food and robotics, with experience from Wolfgang Puck restaurants, Miso Robotics, and Graze Autonomous Mowers.

On the “con” side…

Piestro hasn’t built a shippable product yet, just a prototype. In other words, it has no revenues, and has no “proof” that customers will buy its product.

That explains why I’m not recommending you run out to invest in it today.

To forecast how things might play out, you’ll need to do significant research first.

But if you believe there’s a need for “3D Printed Food” devices, consider exploring this further.

You never know where you’ll find “the next” 3D Systems (DDD)!

To learn more (and potentially invest), click here  »

Happy Investing.

Please note: Crowdability has no relationship with any of the startups we write about. We’re an independent provider of education and research on startups and alternative investments.

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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