My #1 Rule for "Lucky" Investing

My business partner Howard Lindzon just posted a fascinating article (I’ll link to it below)… Howard’s a very successful investor, and in his post, he explores a question that he (and almost every other successful investor) gets asked often: What’s the key to your success: skill or luck? And more…

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Alert: High-Flying New Investment Sector

On a recent afternoon, about 100 miles north of San Francisco, a small object could be seen flying above a crystal clear lake. But it wasn’t a bird or a plane. It was a bit more unusual than that: It was a flying car! As The New York Times reported,…

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How to Get Rich in America

How Expedia and Priceline Are Stealing Your Money Most of us rely on “metasearch” travel sites like Priceline, Expedia, or Travelocity. But as it turns out, these sites have a nasty secret » Will Home Prices Rise Forever? Driven by the influx of foreign money, especially from China, home prices…

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How You Can Profit from These Three Famous Flops

Coca-Cola… Post-it Notes… Google… A few examples of products that changed the world—and created billionaires in the process. But for every world-changing invention, there are thousands of “flops” that never catch on. The thing is, smart investors can learn quite a bit from these flops. So today, I’ll review three…

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Get Paid To Eat at Your Favorite Restaurant

Last Saturday night, I went out with old friends to a classic downtown restaurant called Alta. Alta specializes in Spanish “tapas”—small plates that are meant to be shared. As always, Alta was packed, and over a few pitchers of sangria we started fantasizing about how amazing it would be to…

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[Video] Military Technology Breakthrough

Meet Sally, Silicon Valley’s Weirdest Celebrity Chef Sally will make you the most delicious and perfectly proportioned meal you’ve ever had. There’s just one thing a bit weird about her. She’s a robot » You’re Being Overcharged for Your Uber! Uber tells you what a trip will cost before you…

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Don't Fall for This Wall Street Scam

We’re going to play a game today… It’s based on the TV game show, Let’s Make a Deal. I’ll present you with a deal, and you decide if you’ll take it. Ready? OK, here’s the deal: Send me $10,000, and over the next few years, I’ll invest it for you.…

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Social Security: Bankrupt!?

Are you counting on Social Security to help fund your retirement? If so, you could be in for a rude awakening. You see, if you’re like most Americans, you’ve been led to believe that Social Security will provide for you once you stop working. But here’s the thing: Social Security…

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Eight Reasons Investors Are Backing Pot Start-ups

“Bro, I’m Going Rogue” Guy Gentile is a Wall Street informant who double-crossed the F.B.I. “Remember the movie American Hustle?” he said. “It’s kind of like that, with way more dirt and twists.” Get your popcorn » Your Internet Browsing History Is Now For Sale The Senate just voted to…

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Better Than Bitcoin: 251% Profits in a Month

Last month, I published an article about bitcoin… In particular, I explained that bitcoin had just reached an important milestone: For the first time in its history, it had become more valuable than gold. But in that same article, I told you how you might be able to cash in…

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