Scientists Finally "Execute" Cancer?

Will You Drill Your Head Open for Facebook? When I’m sitting on the couch, I often ask my “Google Home” digital assistant for things like movie times and the weather. But it’s kind of awkward to talk to devices at work or in public. That’s why Facebook is building a…

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Turn $500 into $1.1 Million in Five Simple Steps

Today you’ll have the opportunity to transform your life... That’s because, in just a moment, you’ll have the chance to access some of the most profitable investing ideas Matt and I have ever identified. You see, for the past year, we’ve quietly been making a fortune in a little-known corner…

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$600 Million in Organic Profits

A few days ago, Kellogg’s — the company behind iconic brands like Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes and Pop-Tarts — gobbled up a tiny start-up for $600 million. The start-up’s name is RXBAR. RXBAR makes protein bars with no added sugar, and no dairy, soy, or gluten. Based on those ingredients,…

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This 3D Printer Could Save Your Life

New Technology Can Detect Your Lies The classic polygraph test is about to be put out to pasture. With a new technology called EyeDetect, deception can be determined just by looking at you. Lies! Damn lies! » DiCaprio Backs “Dirty” Garbage Start-up Rubicon Global is a billion-dollar garbage start-up with…

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New "Crypto-Fund" Delivers 540% Returns

2017 has been a stellar year for Bitcoin investors… Since January, the world’s best-known crypto-currency is up 340%. But a different crypto investment is up 540% this year. The thing is, this other investment wasn’t just more profitable — it was also safer. Today I’ll tell you everything you need…

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Cash in on this Infinite Royalty Stream

To me, and to most people my age, M&Ms are a chocolate candy… But if you say the word “M&M” to young music fans, they don’t picture a treat… They picture a hip-hop artist named Eminem. Eminem is the best-selling hip-hop artist of all time, and the second best-selling male…

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Will You Accept This $2 Million Job Offer?

A Rooftop Bar… On a Plane?! A new airline is promising perks like virtual reality, ”surprise destinations,” and curiously, a rooftop bar. There’s just one catch: not everyone is invited. Do you get to fly? » How To Tell If You’re a Psychopath A recent study from New York University…

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Bitcoin: Guaranteed Profits?

Today I’m going to share with you a very powerful — and profitable — trading strategy. Under normal circumstances, this isn’t a strategy you can take advantage of often. In fact, the opportunity to use it tends to occur just a few times a year — and even then, most…

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Two New Ways To "Cash-in" on Start-ups

Let’s say you bought some shares of Amazon a year ago… With the stock up nearly 20%, you decide to take your profits. So you log into your brokerage account, click “sell” — and in a flash, your shares are sold on the Nasdaq and turned into cash. That’s how…

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The Secret to Consistently Winning the Lottery

“Can I borrow some sugar… and some DNA?” We tend to feel a special connection with our best friends. But as scientists recently discovered, interests and memories aren’t the only things we share with them. That’s a strong bond » [Video] 0 to 60 in Half A Second Apparently, if…

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