How to Own Every "Hot IPO" For Less Than $50

I recently shared a strategy to profit from a corner of the market traditionally reserved for Wall Street’s elite: Initial Public Offerings, or IPOs. My strategy doesn’t involve begging your broker for IPO shares like an incessant teenager. Instead, it involves a five-pronged approach to uncover overlooked and undervalued opportunities…

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Breakthrough Alert: 3D-Print Your Food!

When 3D Printing first emerged, it was targeted at industrial manufacturing. But as the printers gradually became smaller and less expensive, fascinating consumer applications started to pop up. For example, by the early 2000s, you could print everything from toys to model cars. This created a surge in 3D-printing stocks.…

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Startup Profit Opportunity: 99% Accuracy

Investment bank Morgan Stanley recently did something very peculiar: It told Google to give away one of its “smart speakers” to everyone in America — for free. The cost of this giveaway? About $3 billion. For the last hundred years, CEOs from top companies have relied on Morgan Stanley not…

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Facebook: A Great "Short" Opportunity?

If you remember nothing else today, remember this: Facebook (FB) doesn’t give a darn about its 2.5 billion users… All it cares about is advertising revenue. Harsh, I know. But on Wall Street, money talks. Or as famed economist Milton Friedman put it, “The social responsibility of business is to…

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Check Out the New "Apple Car"

This Drone Can Change Shape Mid-Flight It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… both? That’s the idea behind the military’s new shape-shifting drones. Find out what they’ll be used for here » Say Goodbye to the Segway It was made famous by tourists and a fictitious mall cop. But after…

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Step #1 To Build Your Private Wealth Plan

This is it! This is the final article in your “Private Portfolio Makeover” series. For the last two weeks, we’ve shown you how to take a small piece of your public-market portfolio… And replace it with ultra-profitable private-market investments. As you’ve seen, this could help you earn big returns… with…

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The #1 Reason "Robinhooders" Are Making Money

Wait a minute… what was that? Was it the “sign” that this bull run is finally over? Stocks have rallied 40%+ from their coronavirus-bottom in March… And meanwhile, a band of gunslinging day-traders are bidding up shares of bankrupt — yes bankrupt — Hertz Global Holdings (HTZ) by more than 500%. This…

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The First FDA-Approved Video Game

Warning: Don’t Turn on Your Lights! Computer hackers have developed a new way to eavesdrop on you. And their tactics might force you to live by candlelight. Learn more here » NASA Needs Your Help NASA’s had a tough time moving its rovers around Mars. Perhaps surprisingly, you can help.…

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