The #1 Secret of the World’s Healthiest People

China Identifies Citizens Based on How They Walk China doesn’t care much about protecting its citizens’ privacy. As one tech CEO said, “You don't need people's cooperation for us to be able to recognize their identity.” Is the U.S. next? » Save the World with Your Pee! The contents of…

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Imagine walking into work tomorrow, looking your boss in the eye, and saying… “I QUIT!” Then you head home, kick up your feet, and finally start enjoying your retirement. And here’s the best part: your bills are paid, and you couldn't care less about whether the market is going up…

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A Dead Simple Solution to Save Your Retirement

Wayne and I opened up a big can of worms in our articles last week: The retirement crisis. As we explained, the average 50-year-old today has less than $50,000 saved for retirement… And 45% of Americans have nothing saved for retirement at all — zero. But now that we’ve recognized…

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This Body Piercing Can Solve All Your Problems

Strap this on and Become a Rocketman If you’re dreaming of going to space, but you can’t stomach the $250,000 price tag for a Virgin Galactic flight, now you’ve got another option. It even comes with an official instructor. Blast off here » Michael Jackson Stole Your Old Computer Ever…

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URGENT: Retirement Crisis

If you’re close to 50 years old (or older), you need to read this immediately… That’s because your retirement is in jeopardy... Not only may you not be able to retire on time, but you may not be able to retire at all. But it’s not too late to act……

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$18,000 Profit or $800,000 Profit? You Decide

For years, Wall Street’s been selling you the same old story: To retire comfortably, you just need to work hard, save your money, and invest it in the stock market. But what’s so great about the stock market? Today, I want to explain Wall Street’s big lie… Then I’ll show…

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Careful — This App Could Get You Fired

Would You Wear These Special Glasses? Google’s “smart” glasses looked so hideous that no one bought them. But now a new startup has created a futuristic pair of frames that are smart and fashionable. Check ‘em out » Now You Can Sail on the Titanic It’s time to dust off…

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Trump Hands Tiny Startup a $344 Billion Monopoly

Love him or hate him, President Trump has made some bold moves this year to help millions of blue-collar Americans. From renegotiating NAFTA so autoworkers earn a minimum of $16 per hour, to slapping China with tariffs to help boost U.S. manufacturing, Trump puts America first. And now, in his…

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A Spoonful of this "Miracle Dust" Could Change Your Life

Last week, we showed you some of the “winners and losers” of Trump’s trade war. But trade wars are like a game of chess, and the tactics being used today (like tariffs, for example) are just a first move. There’s a bigger strategy at work here — a strategy meant…

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MIT Predicts End of the World by 2040

Drink Beer — While You Can Still Afford It A recent report suggests that it won’t be long before the world runs out of barley, beer’s key ingredient. To read more, grab a cold one and click here » [Video]: This Robot Dances Better than You To show off how shockingly…

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