Warning: This TV Show Could Literally Kill You

Mysterious Signals From Space Scientists recently picked up on a series of mysterious “fast radio bursts” from outer space. Now, according to the Washington Post, astronomers have tracked them to a dwarf galaxy nearly three billion light years away. What exactly is out there? » Machines 1; Humans 0 In…

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2018 IPO Explosion? Who cares!

After hitting a peak in 2014, IPO activity has been on a steady decline… But it seems like the drought might finally be over. From MarketWatch to The Wall Street Journal, the current headlines are all about 2018 being the year of the IPO comeback: IPO watch: 11 tech companies…

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Could this Start-up Cure Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer’s is a terrifying disease. Not only can it lead to memory loss and dementia, but in the U.S., it’s the sixth-leading cause of death. But now a new biotech start-up has possibly uncovered a cure. For those struggling with the disease, this start-up could provide a life-saving solution… And…

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"I Had a One-Night Stand With a Robot"

Classified Government Spy Satellite Goes Missing SpaceX just launched a rocket containing a top secret U.S. spy satellite. The mission appeared to be going to plan — until the billion-dollar satellite disappeared. Read more here » Uber Makes Switch to Self-Flying Helicopters If self-driving cars make you nervous, just imagine…

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Prediction: 2018's Hottest Investment

If you’re a longtime Crowdability reader, then you know that today’s article is part of a long-running tradition… At the beginning of each year, Matt and I aim to identify the three sectors that will have the most profit potential over the next 12 months. Throughout the year, we’ll update…

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The Hottest Market for M&A in 2018?

When I was growing up, my mom would wake up early to brew a big pot of coffee. She used an old-school, stove-top percolator — one of the big ones that could make about five or six cups of coffee. But here’s the thing: Because she and my dad were…

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Breakthrough in Fight Against Alzheimer's

Business Insider: “Chocolate Is Going Extinct” A recent report from a prominent business publication says, “Chocolate is on track to go extinct in 40 years.” You see, a disease is killing Cacao plants, the source of chocolate. But a new technology might save the day. Click here to read more…

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My "Hair of the Dog" Profit Strategy

Monday was a “hair of the dog” kind of day. It was the first day of 2018, and my wife and I had been out late the night before drinking whiskey and champagne. “Hair of the dog” refers to having a drink or two to lessen the effects of a…

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Holiday Flight Delays? Talk To These Guys

New Discovery Provides Link To Aliens Researchers in Antarctica just discovered a series of tiny marks in a frozen snowpack. The thing is, those marks couldn’t have been made by any creature known to man. And just like that, scientists realize there could be life on other planets. Here’s why…

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Your 2018 Battle Plan

This time last year, we provided you with an investment “battle plan” for 2017. More specifically, we showed you a simple way to set up your portfolio so you could generate consistent profits in the private markets. The thing is, over the past year we’ve expanded our research coverage: Now,…

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