U.S. Gov't Is Trying To Break Into Your Phone

With this Technology, You Can Scale Walls Like Spider-Man Researchers in China have developed technology that literally lets you scale walls. See it in action here » Your Fitness Tracker Is Lying To You Millions of Americans wear Apple watches and Fitbits to monitor their physical activity. But as it…

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Can Netflix Cure Medical Issues?

The Weirdest Gadgets From CES From an air-conditioned baseball cap to “smart” pajamas, check out the best (and strangest) gadgets from CES 2020 » Billionaire Seeks Companion for Trip of a Lifetime Entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa is seeking a “special someone” to enjoy the billionaire lifestyle. For starters, that includes a…

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Alexa Wants To See You in the Shower

You Could Save Lives… By Being Spied On Researchers at MIT believe your smartphone holds the key to stopping the spread of infectious disease. You just need to give up your privacy. Are you willing? » #1 Way To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Researchers recently studied 23 techniques designed…

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Meet the Scientist Creating a Time Machine

Samsung To Release World’s First Artificial Human Samsung is hinting at a major technological breakthrough in 2020. In fact, its breakthrough will be released to the public next Tuesday. Learn more » Did Aliens Visit Earth 15 Years Ago? In 2004, U.S. Navy pilots spotted a group of objects flying…

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NY Times Security Warning: "Your Life Is an Open Book"

Apple’s Secret Satellite Sources have uncovered a secret team working at Apple. And as we just learned, the project they’re working on could change technology forever. Read more here » Never Stand in Line Again Do you hate standing in line at the grocery store? Shop with these AI-powered carts,…

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This 8-Year-Old Made $26 Million Last Year

Is 5G Bad for Your Health? The buzz around 5G continues to grow. But could this super-fast wireless technology actually do more harm than good? Learn more here » Build Your Own “Batcave” Futuristic garages have historically been reserved for superheroes like Batman or Iron Man. But now some wealthy…

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Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Caught Using LSD

Travel to Outer Space… Permanently To protect humanity in case Earth becomes uninhabitable, a team of scientists is putting together a trip to outer space. The thing is, the trip will last 1,000 years. Interested? » See Ya Later, 2010s We’re getting ready to say goodbye to another decade. But…

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Would You Trade Your Privacy for $1,830 a Month?

High School Kid Turns His Bedroom into a Business More and more teenagers are running their own online businesses. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s not money these young entrepreneurs are after. Learn more » Your Chance to Move to Paradise — Just One Catch The brochure for the newly-constructed “Culdesac” neighborhood in…

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Don't Shop "Black Friday" Until You Read This

Shakespeare Was a Fraud? William Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest writers in history. But now, through the magic of Artificial Intelligence, a stunning secret has been revealed. Get the scoop here » This Startup Is Aiming to Take Down Apple This startup found great success with its first…

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