Affordable Medication Is On The Way

A Miracle Device for New Parents Babies cry — a lot. But this futuristic monitor can give exhausted moms and dads a much-needed hand. Learn more here » New iPhone Design Is Terrifying Apple revealed its latest iPhone this week. Some consumers seem to like the phone’s new look. But…

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This Blood Test Reveals When You're Going to Die

“I was fired for not shoveling my sidewalk” Imagine getting arrested because you didn’t shovel your sidewalk. Or being banned from riding the subway because you watched too much TV. Sounds crazy, but a “Social Credit System” like this is already in place in China. And now it’s coming to…

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33% of Workers Would Prefer This to a Raise

33% of Workers Would Prefer This to a Raise Sure, getting a $5,000 raise would be great. But one-third of U.S. workers would prefer something else instead. Click here to find out what it is » The Lamest Time Capsule Ever After fifty years, a small town in New Hampshire…

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Harvard Geneticist Plans to Cheat Death

Facebook To Compete with McDonalds This week, Facebook announced it will be opening a number of cafés. Are hamburgers next? Get the scoop here » How To Stop Falling for “Phishing” Attacks Despite increased security and vigilance, we still keep falling victim to cyber security attacks. But now Google has…

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Your Next "Selfie" Could Save You from a Heart Attack

IBM Is Hacking into Your Facebook Account A hacker nick-named “Snow” is using your Facebook and Instagram posts to break into your office. Surprisingly, Snow works for IBM. Read more here » Use Your Shirt To Change the Channel If you’re too lazy to turn off the light or change…

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A Mobile App for Killing People

This Computer Is Older than the Lava Lamp This computer is older than the Rubik’s cube, the lava lamp, and even the moon landing. Amazingly, it still works. Check it out here » Get a Tattoo — Your Health May Depend on It Apple watches and Fitbits do a fine…

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New "Pace Maker" for Drug Addiction

This Air Conditioner Fits in Your Pocket The summer heat has been brutal. But a new type of wearable device is here to help. Check out the “coolest” smart gadget on the market today » The French Government Desperately Needs Your Help If you’re a fan of “Star Wars,” or…

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Google Will Give You $5 for Your Face

These People Spent $11 Million — on Fresh Air Sure, living in Manhattan is expensive. But even if you’re wealthy, isn’t it crazy to drop millions of dollars on fresh air? Find out what’s going on here » Scientists Discover New Energy Source The next time your phone is running…

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Pentagon Builds New "Spy Laser"

Would You Drive This 3D-Printed Lamborghini? A father-and-son team are 3D-printing a Lamborghini that can go 0 to 60 MPH in 3 seconds. It’s a cool idea… but would you drive a race car that was 3D-printed? » George Washington Invented the iPhone Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. These…

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