The #1 Secret of the World’s Healthiest People

By Crowdability, on Friday, November 9, 2018

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China Identifies Citizens Based on How They Walk

China doesn’t care much about protecting its citizens’ privacy. As one tech CEO said, “You don't need people's cooperation for us to be able to recognize their identity.” Is the U.S. next? »

Save the World with Your Pee!

The contents of your bladder might be the key to saving the planet. By mixing sand with urine, scientists have created a revolutionary “bio brick” that could be the foundation of every building in the future. Read more about the “No. 1” new building material here »

This One Device Can Store All Your Memories

Fitbits and smart watches can track your fitness level and monitor your health. But what if a piece of wearable tech could record your memories? Now it can — and here it is »

Free College Education — All You Need Is a Driver’s License

One technology company is offering to pay your college tuition. All you need are some driving skills. Can you guess which company it is? »

The #1 Secret of the World’s Healthiest People

A new study revealed that the healthiest people in the world don't pump iron, run marathons, or join the gym. Instead, they do one simple thing. Here it is »


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