The No. 1 Way to Make Money in a Gold Rush

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, April 11, 2019

One of my mentors on Wall Street always had a clever expression at hand.

For example, anytime a new bull market would emerge, he’d say:

“Wayne, whenever there’s a ‘gold rush,’ you don’t want to invest in a gold mine — you want to own the whole damn mountain!”

This simple wisdom has helped me make a fortune over the years.

And today, I’ll show you how it could help you make a fortune in one of biggest gold rushes in modern history.

Today’s Gold Rush

Before I get into the details, let me reveal the modern-day gold rush I’m referring to:

The gold rush for early-stage technology startups!

According to Crunchbase, a business information platform, private startups pulled in over $350 billion in new funding last year.

That’s a mind-blowing amount of money.

It’s an all-time high — a 30% increase over 2017, the previous record-holder.

Three Ways to Profit from a Gold Rush

During any gold rush, there are several different ways to profit.

First, you could head into the mountains and mine for gold.

This would be like “betting it all on black” on a single startup. Sure, that gives you the potential for big rewards — but if that single investment doesn’t pan out, you’ll go bust.

Second, you could sell “picks and shovels” to other miners.

This means investing in companies that provide tools and services to other companies involved in the “gold rush.” It would be like investing in Oracle (ORCL) during the dot-com boom. That’s because Oracle provided hundreds and hundreds of early-stage companies with the infrastructure they needed to succeed.

This is less risky than “mining for gold,” but you’re still betting it all on a single company.

Then there’s the third way to profit from a gold rush…

As my mentor put it: “Invest in the whole damn mountain!”

Profit from Every Startup

As you learned earlier, today’s gold rush is in technology startups…

And we just uncovered an opportunity for you to invest in the whole mountain!

Let me explain…

A few years ago, the SEC made it legal for ordinary investors to invest in startups. To help facilitate your investments, a new type of website emerged: funding platforms.

Funding platforms help match investors like you with startups that need capital.

One of the best of these platforms is called Republic.

And today, you have the chance to profit from every startup that it features.

Own the Whole Mountain

To date, Republic has helped 80+ startups raise capital.

These companies come from today’s most exciting and profitable sectors — from biotech and drones, to cannabis and crypto.

And now Republic has created a way for you to claim a stake in all of them.

The way it’s accomplishing this is through something it calls the “Note.”

Essentially, the more you help Republic build its ecosystem of startups, the more Notes you earn. For instance, you can earn Notes by investing in one of Republic’s startups, or by referring friends to its platform.

Claiming these tokens is free. But before I show you how to claim them, let me explain why we believe this is such an extraordinary opportunity.

The Next Google or Uber

The value of these tokens will be tied to the performance of all the startups that raise money on Republic.


This is what I meant by “owning the whole damn mountain”!

If one of these startups becomes the next Google or Uber, there’ll be a huge windfall.

That windfall will be split between early investors in the startup, Republic — and people like you that own Notes.

To put it simply, by owning Republic Notes, you’ll essentially own a stake in an entire mountain of high-potential startups!

Claiming Your Notes

At some point in the future, these Notes might be freely tradable, so you might be able to buy or sell them.

But as I mentioned earlier, at the moment, you can get them for free.

And even if these Notes never become tradable, they’re still expected to entitle you to an economic interest in all the startups that raise money on Republic.

So the Notes you claim today could turn into “free money” sometime down the road.

We highly recommend that you claim your free tokens.

You can do so right here »

Happy investing!

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan


P.S. As a point of disclosure and also an aside, Crowdability’s founders will personally be taking advantage of this opportunity to secure free Republic Notes. They believe it’s a great opportunity for everyone.


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