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New York, NY

3D printing is the wave of the future. By 2024, this is projected to be a $35 billion market.

But manufacturing businesses operating 3D printers today must choose between two options: cheap printers that require extensive setup and expertise to operate; or enterprise-grade printers that are expensive and cut into a company’s profits.

R3 Printing has developed a solution. Its 3D printer removes these barriers, enabling companies to run a scalable, on-demand manufacturing business.

Its patent-pending system prints objects 90% faster and 200% larger than competing 3D printers. And its Active Overheat Prevention keeps materials from jamming, reducing maintenance costs and lost productivity.

R3 Printing has four utility patents pending, and has received a government grant to test its system in partnership with the U.S. Air Force.

Team Background

Paul Sieradzki - Co-Founder, Product

Before starting R3, Paul served as an infrastructure consultant with Bridgewater Associates, an investment management firm.

In addition, he worked in the operations department for Morgan Stanley, an investment bank.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Fordham University and is working toward a degree from Columbia University.

Daniel Downs - Co-Founder, Strategy

Prior to starting R3 Printing, Daniel worked as a 3D print manufacturer for Stevens Institute of Technology.

In addition to his printing background, he served as a sales representative for a commercial real estate business.

Daniel formerly served as a sales representative for FGI Finance, and also spent time as a technology consultant at Fordham University.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Fordham University.