Could This College Dropout Become President?

Madoff Corners Market for Hot Chocolate For financial con artist Bernie Madoff, prison is just another place to make money. After buying up every package of Swiss Miss hot chocolate from the commissary, he’s now selling it in the prison yard at a profit » Technology That Raises Kids For…

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While U.S. Companies Fall Apart, Here’s What I Do...

America’s largest companies are facing an epic crisis. It’s been taking shape for 20 years. But now things are reaching a boiling point. If left unchecked, this crisis could completely ravage the face of American industry... Wipe out billions of dollars in market value... And cost thousands of U.S. workers…

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My #1 Secret To IPO Profits

2017 is shaping up to be a big year for technology IPOs. You may have heard about potential IPOs for Snapchat, Spotify and Uber, and now dozens of other start-ups have become IPO contenders, too. It might be tempting to invest in these IPOs, but should you? You might not…

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Man Skirts Nevada Law, Hits $680 Million Jackpot

How to Make $1 Billion on Twitter Fixing Twitter’s weaknesses would make millions of people happier, and could help add a billion dollars to the company’s market cap. Here’s the plan » 105-Year-Old Man Sets Bicycling Record Frenchman Robert Marchand, 105-years-old, set a new world record last week when he…

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Three Ways to Pick a Profitable Start-up

When evaluating a start-up for a potential investment, you might be tempted to focus on the company’s product, or its competition. And certainly, those are important factors to consider. But as we’ve learned over the years, other factors are far more likely to influence the company’s outcome—and in turn, influence…

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The Worst Wealthy Investor I Know

Let me tell you about a guy I know. Based on his investment track record, you’d think he’d be broke by now. For example, on one investment he made, he lost more than $25 million. More recently, he made 21 different investments—and almost half of them went belly-up. But here’s…

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15 Start-Ups to Watch in 2017

[Video] Watch Tesla’s “Autopilot” React to a Crash Check this out: the very moment the red hatchback makes contact with the black SUV, the autopiloted Tesla comes to a quick stop. Score one for Tesla Autopilot » Like an Android Phone—But It’s a Car Google tweaked Android last year to make…

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Playing for Profits

I saw the first Star Wars movie 40 years ago and got hooked instantly. Ever since then, every few years or so, I wait in line to see the latest installment. But over the holiday weekend, as I watched Rogue One, I started thinking about how much the movie industry…

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What It’s Like Coming Back from the Dead

What To Do When Your Money Manager Buys a Ferrari A new study found that the car your money manager drives is related to his capacity for risk taking—and his ability to generate market-beating returns. In particular, make sure to look out for Minivan owners » GPS Is Messing with Your…

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