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New Test Can Pinpoint How Long You'll Live

"Alexa, Is My Husband Having an Affair?" If you suspect that your husband or wife might be straying, there’s no need to go snooping. Just ask Alexa » Pictures Reveal Russia’s Secret “Mach 7” Spacecraft News agency RIA Novosti just published images of a hypersonic Russian spacecraft that can reportedly travel…

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These Machines Could Take Everything From You

Throw Out Your “Standing” Desk Now… Use This One Instead Work can take a toll on your mental health. That’s why researchers at MIT have designed a desk that senses your stress levels, and then uses technology (and psychology) to calm you down. See it in action here » High-School…

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Easy 100% Profits Thanks to Apple's New iCar

11-Year-Old Girl Rigs Election Results It took an 11-year-old girl named Audrey just 10 minutes to hack into Florida’s “secure” website and change the election results. Could rigging a Presidential election be just as easy? Find out how she pulled it off » This Spider Can Perform Surgery on You…

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Breakthrough: Reverse Diabetes With This One Pill

Crime-Fighting Drone Is Unleashed   Thanks to this special drone, the crime rate in a Mexican city called Ensenada dropped 10%. Could the U.S. be the next country to harness its powers? Find out here » Don’t Book Your Vacation Before Reading This Bloomberg just released its rankings of the…

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Apple Warns Users: "Don’t Use Your iPhone"

This iPhone Case Is A Weapons Defense System Phone covers can help protect your device if you drop it. But a new start-up is taking things a step further: it’s created a case with sonar technology — and it could save your life » This State Will Pay You $10,000…

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Breakthrough: Take One Pill, Never Exercise Again

This Burger Flipper Charges $60,000 For decades, flipping burgers at the local fast food joint has been a classic minimum-wage job. So why is this $60,000 burger flipper in such high demand? » [VIDEO] Rubik’s Cube Solved in Under One Second I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in about a…

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Warning: This TV Show Could Literally Kill You

Mysterious Signals From Space Scientists recently picked up on a series of mysterious “fast radio bursts” from outer space. Now, according to the Washington Post, astronomers have tracked them to a dwarf galaxy nearly three billion light years away. What exactly is out there? » Machines 1; Humans 0 In…

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Assess Your Risk for Alzheimer's

Apple Caught Helping Red Sox Cheat The Yankees have accused The Red Sox of “stealing signs” during a recent game. This is a big deal. “Signs” are the hand signals that tell players when to steal bases or what pitches to throw — and “stealing” them can be very naughty.…

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My No. 1 Trick To Predict the Future

There’s no chance [this device] is going to get any significant market share. — Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s ex-CEO There is nothing revolutionary or disruptive about this technology. — Padmasree Warrior, Motorola CTO I don’t think [this device] is something that would… necessitate us changing our thinking. — Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia CEO Can you…

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My stupid mistake could mean big gains for you...

I’d like to think I’m an intelligent person… But more often than I’d care to admit, I do some really stupid stuff. Today, I want to tell you about one of the stupidest things I’ve done recently. Although it caused me a ton of stress… It could help you make…

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