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Time to Short Oil?

A Cure For Cancer Is Here… If You Qualify Pharmaceutical companies have invested billions of dollars into “Immunotherapy,” a treatment that’s provided miraculous results to previously incurable cancers. Unfortunately, there’s a hugely frustrating catch: you might not be able to get access to it » Making Money on the Moon…

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The Secret to Consistently Winning the Lottery

“Can I borrow some sugar… and some DNA?” We tend to feel a special connection with our best friends. But as scientists recently discovered, interests and memories aren’t the only things we share with them. That’s a strong bond » [Video] 0 to 60 in Half A Second Apparently, if…

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WalMart & Google Merger?

Airbnb Brings in a Lethal Weapon In anticipation of its IPO, hospitality start-up Airbnb is bringing on a new advisor. Are you a fan of 1980s action movies? Before you click this link, guess who it is » $758 Million Powerball Winner Speaks Out 53-year-old Massachusetts resident Mavis Wanczyk just…

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New York to Boston in… 20 Minutes?!

Male Birth Control From delicious lab-grown chicken to male birth control, a wave of shocking new technologies is about to be unleashed. Click here to look into the future » Elon Musk Says Tesla Headed to “Hell” Demand for Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 is off the charts. So why is…

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Warning: Computers Develop "Secret Language"

Finally, Elon Musk Tackles Something Difficult Build awesome new car company from scratch? Check. Send people to Mars? Check. But now, Musk is finally tackling something hard: the music business » Uber for Toilets Launches in NYC Running around and really gotta go? Enjoy the go… on the go »…

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New FBI Database Revealed: Are You In It?

Elon Musk Is Scared Of Demons Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, is famous for his risky and futuristic gambles. But lately he’s been running scared—and he thinks you should be scared, too. Here’s why » [Video] But Will It Blow Up In Your Face? In a few weeks,…

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Life-Saving Virus Found in Connecticut

2017’s New Movies on Netflix From the Superman movies to “Boogie Nights,” here are all the titles Netflix will be adding in January 2017—and all the titles you should watch this year before Netflix removes them » 13-Year-Old Becomes Venture Capitalist Harry Stebbings fell in love with venture capital after…

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Nerdy

What if you woke up tomorrow and found $10 million in your bank account? How about $100 million? How about a billion? What would you do with all that money? What’s the most outrageous thing you’d buy? Give it a think— Then you can compare it to a few over-the-top…

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