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Stock Market: Rest in Peace

I’m about to leave for my honeymoon! Next week, my bride and I are flying to Sydney, Australia, then we’ll make our way to Byron Bay and the Great Barrier Reef. Friends gave us suggestions for hotels, but we think it's more fun to rent cool apartments. To find these apartments,…

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New Report Sounds Alarm...

I just read a frightening research report. It was written by the leading research firm in the world, so it’s tough to refute. First it explains why investors like you have earned such exceptional returns over the past 30 years—then it explains why those days are over. But there’s some…

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Wall Street's Latest "Shell Game"

The market’s had a great run recently: Since bottoming out in 2009, the Dow has more than doubled. To celebrate, Wall Street’s been partying like it’s 1999. But now the end is in sight. How do we know? Because you and all your friends just got invited to the party.…

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2015's Most Profitable Trend

Reflecting back on 2014, two stories stick in my head: One represents a well-worn route to riches, a route that’s losing steam. The other represents a new path to wealth – A path that’s gaining momentum. Drop in the Bucket The first story is about what happened in the market…

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