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U.S. Nuclear Weapon System Just Got Hacked

Facebook is Following You Facebook’s new tech gadget features a motion-activated camera that can follow you around a room. For a company trying to win back the trust of its users after some nasty data breaches, this is a curious move. Will you trust this thing? » Your New Car…

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Google Knows When You're Going to Die

Get Your Hands on the Ultimate Spy Gadget Long before Apple unveiled a watch you could talk into, cartoon detective Dick Tracy wore a two-way radio on his wrist. Now, after seventy years, you can finally get your hands on the original Dick Tracy “smart watch.” Check it out right…

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Could This Be Virtual Reality's "Killer App"?

Want to know the key to being a successful tech investor? Identify a major trend, wait for its “killer app” — i.e., a product able to transform and expand an entire industry — and then start investing in the sector. For example, the Internet was becoming a major trend in the late…

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This Start-up Built a "Time Machine"

If you could travel back in time, what would you do? I’d go hear Jimi Hendrix play live… Then I’d stop by Wrigley Field for the 1932 World Series and wait for one of Babe Ruth’s most famous homeruns… Then I’d sit at the southern tip of Manhattan and take…

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New Study Reveals Shocking Key to Good Health

Angry Birds IPO: Buy or Sell? First they took over our phones, then they conquered the big screen. Now, the company behind these agitated avians is preparing to go public — and its value could surpass $2 billion. Could these birds carry you to financial freedom? » RV There Yet? The…

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