Cryptos are Back!

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Do you believe in second chances?

We sure do — and after reading this article, we think you might, too.

You see, cryptos are back!

In 2017, the average gain of the top-20 cryptos was 81,453%. That’s enough to turn $1,000 into more than $800,000.

But then the crypto market crashed. Since the beginning of the year, the water’s been rough, and investors have been understandably hesitant to jump back in.

But as you’ll learn in the next few minutes, we believe the tide has turned.

So if you missed the big move in cryptos last time, you’ve got a second shot right now — and this time, we believe the gains could be even bigger than before… 

The Tide Has Turned

There are many reasons the crypto market has turned. Let’s me explain a few of them now.

Taxes — First of all, many experts believe that this year’s tax day, April 17th, was behind the downward trend of crypto prices.

You see, investors who sold bitcoin near its highs last year were sitting on a fortune in capital gains. And last week, in order to come up with funds to pay taxes on those gains, they were forced to sell some of their remaining cryptos.

But once the tax-related selling slowed down, the market soon rebounded. Bitcoin went from a low of about $6,500, to about $8,500, where it’s trading right now.

Bittrex is Back — Bittrex is one of the biggest crypto exchanges.

Last year, it became so flooded with business that it had to stop accepting new users so it could upgrade its infrastructure. Investors were uneasy about this development. Did it mean that the crypto market wasn’t ready for “prime time”?

But now this exchange is back in business with robust technology — and many of the 100+ cryptos that trade there are back on the rise.

Lightning Network — Currently, the Bitcoin network can only process about seven transactions per second. That’s contributed to a major bottleneck, and has led many to believe that Bitcoin can’t scale up sufficiently.

But now a new technology called the Lightning Network is being tested. This technology could enable Bitcoin to process thousands of transactions per second. And cryptos like Ethereum and Litecoin are creating versions of Lightning, too.

If this technology works, cryptos could become practical to use as actual currencies — and could thus become legitimate challengers to cash.

In the Press — For the last few months, the press has been bashing cryptos. But suddenly, bullish stories and exciting developments are popping up left and right. For example:

The SEC is considering changing its rules to allow Bitcoin ETFs. This could lead to a massive influx of new capital into the crypto market…

Yahoo Japan is buying a 40% stake in a crypto exchange, which could provide instant credibility to the crypto markets…

Cryptos were just declared “halal” under Islamic law, which finally opens up cryptos to 1.6 billion Muslims…

And lastly, brilliant investors like George Soros have finally announced their intention to get into cryptos. This brings new legitimacy to the crypto market, and increases the likelihood that other major investors will follow.

Sentiment — Given all this bullish news, experts are back with new price predictions.

Prominent hedge fund Pantera Capital stated that the price of bitcoin has bottomed out…

Tom Lee, a former executive at J.P. Morgan, believes bitcoin’s 2018 year-end price will reach $25,000…

And Venture Capitalist Tim Draper believes that, by 2022, bitcoin will reach $250,000.

Not Everything Is a Diamond

But just because the tide has turned doesn’t mean you can just dive in and invest in any crypto.

Remember, there are more than fifteen-hundred cryptos out there — and most of them are worthless, or worse, they’re scams.

But if you can identify the diamonds – the ones with real use-cases and a real reason to shine — we believe you could make more than the 80,000%+ returns investors made last year.

That explains why we’re so focused on cryptos right now…

If you’re a member of Crypto Fortunes, you’ve already started receiving our new investment recommendations, and you’re about to get more of them later this week…

If you’re joining our online summit tomorrow night, you’ll learn why we’re so confident about our predictions…

And if you’re just getting started at Crowdability, we urge you to keep reading our coverage on cryptos and get yourself up to speed!

Happy Investing

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner


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