Raising Valuation Report


The World’s Smartest Bank Account

Financial Services Software

$4.44M $25M

Straw Hut Media

Spotify’s Next Acquisition?

Music, Video, Books & Entertainment

$500K $2M

Speedy Eats

The Next Evolution in Fast Food


$1.07M $21M


Using AI to Detect Heart Failure

Healthcare Software

$1.07M $14.90M


A Marketplace for the Gig Economy

Mobile Software & Services

$3M $15M

Evren Technologies

FDA Breakthrough Device for PTSD

Medical Devices & Equipment

$1.07M $15.10M

Batman #1

The Very First Batman Comic Book

Music, Video, Books & Entertainment

$288K $288K

Swift Rails

Transit System with Autonomous Cars

Other Transportation

$535K $15.50M

Smoove Xperience

An AI-Powered Travel App

Mobile Software & Services

$1.07M $20.84M

Relay on Demand

Uber for Truck Drivers

Transportation Services

$1.07M $30M

Card Blanch

The Last Credit Card You’ll Ever Need

Retail Banking

$1.07M $5M


The “Tesla of Desks”

Office Supplies

$1.07M $25M

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