Social Security Chief Admits the Truth

Will the government take care of your financial future? You be the judge… On the new White House website, the Biden administration clearly lists its priorities. They include controlling Covid-19, tackling climate change, and advancing racial equity. See anything in there about fixing Social Security? I sure don’t. This is…

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Revealed: "Publicly-Traded Startups"

In this column last Wednesday, I introduced you to the “perfect” investment: startups. The following day, however, Wayne revealed some of the pitfalls of these deals. So today, I’m going to up the ante: I’ll show you how you could earn the 1,000%+ returns that startups offer — with none of…

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The Truth Behind 200,000% Returns

Historically, investing in private startups has helped investors earn astronomical returns. For instance, Facebook’s first private investor made 200,000% when it eventually IPO’d. That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $2 million — with just one investment! But not all private deals will be so successful. And furthermore, such investments come with…

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Bitcoin Going to $2 Trillion?

Last week, one of the world’s largest investment firms made a bold prediction. It predicted that Bitcoin could soon soar by nearly 1,000%. But how realistic is this forecast? And is an investment in it today worth the risk? Those are the questions I’ll dive into today. Trillion-Dollar Forecasts The…

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The Next Crypto Boom?

After the 2017 bull market, cryptos took a nasty nosedive: The overall crypto market dropped by 50%... And the value of many tokens dropped by 90% or more. But earlier this year, something started changing… And as I’ll explain today, now we could be on the cusp of another crypto…

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The $300,000 Solution

As we’ve been explaining recently, America is in big trouble right now. The coronavirus is still raging across the country. 30 million people have filed for unemployment. And even with a vaccine in the works, it could be years before this crisis is under control. The thing is, to get…

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Make America WORK Again

It’s a vicious circle. As Wayne and I explained in our columns last week: Because of Covid-19, unemployment is going through the roof… Because people aren’t working, they’re not spending money… And because people aren’t spending money, companies are going out of business — which in turn, creates more unemployment. So…

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Jeff Bezos: Giving Money Away?

You probably know who Jeff Bezos is. He’s the founder of And with a net worth of $188 billion, he’s the richest man in the world. The thing is, we’ve found a way to take some cash out of his bank account... And put it into yours! “Hey Jeff,…

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Gov't to the Rescue?

As I write this, Congress is still deadlocked over the next coronavirus relief package. Should you expect another stimulus check? New unemployment benefits? Anything at all? As usual, the best way to predict the future is simple: look to the past! So today, I’ll review the relief package from a…

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Make Maximum Profits with "Publicly-Traded Startups"

Today, I’m going to show you the easiest way to invest in startups... Through your ordinary brokerage account! This simple strategy is already producing massive returns for savvy investors. In fact, as you’re about to see, over the past four months, you could have used this strategy to earn profits…

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