Secret Patent Could Boost MSFT's Share Price

Unlimited Beer… For Life From self-driving suitcases to refrigerators that automatically restock your beer supply, the CES event in Las Vegas this year showcased plenty of fun technology innovations. Check out all the gizmos and gadgets here » Teenager Finds $2 Million in His Lunch Box 16-year-old Don Lutes was…

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Cyber Criminals Are Coming — Here's How to Stop Them

Get Ready for Jetpack Racing Move over, NASCAR. The racing league of the future is coming. Soon, participants won’t be driving at lightning speeds… they’ll be flying. Blast off here » Want to Get in Shape? Just Look in The Mirror To help me keep my New Year’s resolution about…

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Uber's Days are Numbered

Start Your Car With Your Finger Forgot your car keys? No problem. With this car, all you need is a single finger. Read more here » "Smell-o-Vision" Is Back In 1960, "Smell-o-Vision," a system that released odors during a movie so you could "smell" what was happening, launched with great…

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Change Your Password Right Now

New Research Finds Time Travel is Possible For years, engineers have said building a time machine is impossible. But groundbreaking new research suggests otherwise. Get the scoop here » Government Announces Time-Sensitive Operation: Finding Santa This weekend, your kids might ask you when Santa Claus is coming to town. You…

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This Company Will Give you $100,000 to Put Down Your Phone

My #1 Trick to Enjoying the Dentist Yesterday, I spent the morning on the beach, listening to the crashing waves and watching the palm trees sway in the breeze. But, amazingly, I was at the dentist. Read more here » This House Costs Just $20,000 — And It’s Nice This…

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They're Spying on Your Children

Get There Fast on this Underwater Train Do you hate the gridlock during rush hour? We've got you covered. With this high-speed train, the only things around you are swimming. Check it out » You Choose: A Christmas Sweater… or a Trip to Space? Sure, you could give your loved one a…

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This Weapon Could Make the U.S. Army Unstoppable

The Talking Fish is Back At its peak about twenty years ago, this pop culture icon did $100 million in sales per year. Now he’s back — and this time, with the help of Amazon’s Alexa, he’s chattier than ever » I Just Got Cursed at by a Robot It’s…

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Bezos Says "Amazon Will Fail"— Time to Sell?

Easy Way to Save on Your Heating Bill: Bitcoin The process of "mining" Bitcoin creates an enormous amount of heat. Instead of wasting it all, one company is harnessing it — and using it to warm your house this winter. Check it out » How Much Do You Tip a…

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