How to Get Rich from Mouthwash

Eating this Common Food Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk by Sixty Percent A certain molecule has the astonishing ability to cut your risk of cancer by sixty percent. Wait ‘til you hear what foods contain this life-saving element » The Robot Searching for Underwater Cities The ocean is full of…

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Apple Might Owe You Money

You Could Become Half Man, Half Bear Looking to put on some muscle? Try injecting yourself with “bear serum.” It sounds like the premise for a superhero movie — but it’s real » Beat the Heat with Technology It’s hot out there! But these tech gadgets can keep you cool.…

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Driving This Car Is Putting You at Risk

Amazon Is Working on a Cancer Vaccine You already use to buy books, clothes, and food. But soon, the e-commerce giant may be offering something truly unique. Get the scoop » Set Sail on an Autonomous Ship Self-driving cars haven’t gained much traction yet. But another type of autonomous…

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Could Drones Cure Cancer?

AI Is Coming to… Soccer? The World Cup is getting a big dose of Artificial Intelligence. Find out how it’ll be used, and why it could make the sport more exciting than ever » A Piece of Your Childhood Is Back! It was a major phenomenon in the 1970s and…

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Buy Apple's Stock BEFORE This Date

Elon Musk Has Gone Missing It’s been a week since Elon Musk last interacted on social media. Is he taking a break — or has something sinister happened? Hmm » Robots Are Getting Skin The ability to feel pain still separates humans from robots. But thanks to a recent invention, this…

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You Could Wake Up on Mars Tomorrow

Airbnb Is Giving Away $100,000 to 100 People Considering becoming a host on Airbnb? The company will pay you $100k to make it happen — but there’s a catch » Should Wall Street Get Stoned? Many believe corporate greed is a major problem in America. But there may be a…

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Create a Child with Your Favorite Movie Star

A Priest at Google Says Robot Is Alive A Google employee was suspended after claiming the company’s AI robot had become human. Does his claim have merit? Learn more here » Your Dad Wants a Meat Bouquet Scotch-infused toothpicks. The world’s strongest coffee. A meat bouquet. These are the gifts…

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Summer Reading List: The Secret to Becoming a Billionaire

Ever Leave Your Underwear in an Uber? From a prosthetic leg to a Bernie Sanders fanny pack, riders leave some strange things behind when they take Ubers. See all the weird items in Uber’s Lost & Found here » Underwater City Discovered In the midst of an extreme drought in…

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New Study: Heavy Drinking Leads to a Better Life

A Small Town in Mississippi Is Replacing Hollywood Forget Hollywood. A small town in Mississippi is quickly becoming a movie maker’s most sought-after destination. Learn why here » Sorry, Parents — You’re Wrong About Video Games For years, parents have been telling their kids that playing video games was going…

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