Pentagon Builds New "Spy Laser"

Would You Drive This 3D-Printed Lamborghini? A father-and-son team are 3D-printing a Lamborghini that can go 0 to 60 MPH in 3 seconds. It’s a cool idea… but would you drive a race car that was 3D-printed? » George Washington Invented the iPhone Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. These…

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NASA’s “Psyche 16” Could Make You a Billionaire

New Health Study: 25 Cups is OK Go ahead and pour yourself another cup of coffee. A new health study reveals some surprising news. Get the scoop here » These Doctors Are Addicted to Video Games Instead of treating patients, doctors are spending their time playing video games. The thing is,…

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U.S. Gov't Might Let You Hunt Criminals

Amazon Unleashing “Global Surveillance” Operation Amazon will soon be delivering packages to you using its fleet of drones. But these drones will also be used for something else — something scary. Learn more here » CNBC Report: Smartphone Use Linked to Horn Growth A bizarre finding by researchers sounds like…

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Breakthrough: Washington Doctor "Hacks" Diabetes

This Lawnmower Goes 150 Miles Per Hour Want to make your neighbors jealous this summer? This lawnmower can go from zero to 100 miles per hour in under 7 seconds. As for its top speed… » Walmart Employees Caught in Customers’ Kitchens Having groceries delivered is a great convenience. But…

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Summer Vacation Destination: Outer Space

Drink Beer from Your New Video-Game Controller It takes two hands to operate a video game controller. So how on Earth are you supposed to hold your beer, too? Miller Lite has a solution » 11 Great Father’s Day Gifts Not another necktie! Instead, get him one of these tech…

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Buy These Homes in Southern Sicily for $1

You’re Asleep… So Why Is Your Phone So Busy? It’s 3 a.m. You’re fast asleep. But your smartphone is communicating with people all over the world. Who’s it talking to? Find out here » The World’s Most Addicting Video Game Turns 35 It seems like such a boring idea for…

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Amazon Will Give You $25 for Your Body

Can You Tell a Fashion Model from a Robot? Two women in this photo are glamorous fashion models. The other is a robot. Can you tell which is which? It’s tougher than you think » This Virus-Infected Laptop Sold for $1.3 Million Someone just dropped $1.3 million on a laptop…

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WARNING: Do NOT Accept this "Friend Request"

Take a Swig of this 220-Year-Old Beer It took more than two centuries, but a group of monks has resurrected a very special beer recipe. Drink it up right here » Amazon for Millionaires Luxury sports cars. Diamond necklaces. Trips to private islands. A new website caters to the world’s…

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Don't Visit Another Website Until You Read This…

“Alexa, Who’s Breaking Into My House?” No need for fancy alarm systems or menacing watch dogs. Now your smart speaker can help protect your home. Find out how right here » This McDonalds Doubles as a U.S. Embassy The world’s largest fast food joint is adding a new item to…

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All Your Passwords Are About to Expire

Google Wants to Hire This 10-Year-Old Kid Like many 10-year-olds, Samaria Mehta enjoys swimming, dancing, and hanging out with her friends. But not everyone her age has caught the attention Google. See what’s so special about this fifth grader here » This California Parking Lot is Now an Outdoor Office…

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