Here's How To Avoid Being "Hacked"

A Bed & Breakfast in Space If you’re planning on traveling to outer space, obviously you’ll need a place to stay. Don’t worry — this startup has you covered. Get the scoop here » This is Still the World’s Fastest Plane In the late 1950s, the Lockheed SR-71 spy plane…

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This Is Porsche's New Flying Car

Make Sure Your Boss Sees This Does the idea of switching to a four-day work week sound appealing? Microsoft just tried it… and the results were stunning. Learn more here » This Bank Is Offering 3% Interest A new bank is offering to pay a whopping 3% interest on your…

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Now Facebook Wants Your Medical Records?

Your Boss Is a Robot Imagine arriving at the office on Monday to find that your boss has been replaced... by a robot. Would you be OK with that? » Top-Secret “Spaceplane” Lands in Florida A top-secret U.S. spaceplane just landed after spending 780 days in orbit. What was it…

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Robots Could Overthrow the President

A Phone Case Made from… Skin It looks like skin. It feels like skin. It even “responds” to tickling and pinching. This is definitely the weirdest cell phone case we’ve ever seen » NASA Reveals Date for Life on Mars NASA just announced the date that humans will land on…

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A Big Internet Company Might Owe You $358

High-Flying Airbnb: The Goodyear Blimp This might be the coolest Airbnb you’ve ever seen — as long as you’re not afraid of heights. Get the scoop here » Google’s (Not-So-Secret) Plan to Spy on You Google just unveiled a new line of products that offer “Ambient computing” — the ability…

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Local Banks Are Giving Away $100,000

Mobile App Can Detect Cancer With 95% Accuracy A new app can alert you to signs of skin cancer with near-perfect accuracy. Learn how it works » Old Woman Finds $6 Million in Her Kitchen A painting by Cimabue, a 13th-century Italian artist, is worth an estimated $6 million. So…

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Don't Book Your Next Flight Until You Read This

AirPod “Earrings” for $10 Apple’s wireless headphones are functional — and for many, they’re a fashion statement. But if you don’t have $200 to buy a pair, here’s a $10 alternative. There’s just one catch » Make Quick Money Selling Your Health Info For years, companies have been profiting by…

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Scientist Says Pizza Can Prevent Cancer

[WATCH] America’s Next Great Olympian? The gymnast doing this tumbling routine doesn’t have much of a personality. But his lack of emotion might just earn him a perfect score. Check it out » The Best Night of Sleep You’ll Ever Get This custom-built home comes equipped with everything you could…

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Affordable Medication Is On The Way

A Miracle Device for New Parents Babies cry — a lot. But this futuristic monitor can give exhausted moms and dads a much-needed hand. Learn more here » New iPhone Design Is Terrifying Apple revealed its latest iPhone this week. Some consumers seem to like the phone’s new look. But…

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