REVEALED: Crypto "Shadow Market"

Yesterday, Matt explained why you should steer clear of the crypto market. But as he also told you, that doesn’t mean you should avoid cryptos entirely. That’s because we’ve discovered a way to profit from cryptos without having to trade them on the “regular” crypto market. You see, there’s also…

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Warning: Avoid the Crypto Market Like the Plague

With Bitcoin up 36% year-to-date, the bold headlines for cryptos are back. Industry observers are predicting “an end to the crypto bear market,” and yelling from the rooftops that now’s the time to dive in headfirst. Today, I’ll explain why they’re dead wrong. But I’ll also tell you about a…

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Own This Stock To Future-Proof Your Portfolio

Can you guess what the next truly disruptive technology will be? Perhaps it will be artificial intelligence, like Venture Beat predicts. Or hyper automation, as tech-trend researcher Gartner expects. Or maybe it will be 5G mobile networks, per ZDNet. The list of possibilities goes on and on and on —…

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How to Earn Surefire Profits in Uncertain Times

We’re living in uncertain times. It feels like the stock market is balancing on the edge of a knife right now… And one little hiccup could lead to disaster. Today, I’ll explain three of the biggest threats to the market’s stability… And then I’ll show you a surefire way to…

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Turn a "Disaster" into a 3,900% Profit

Last Wednesday was a big day for investors… It was IPO day for Casper, the billion-dollar e-commerce startup. This was one of the most anticipated financial events of the year. It was expected to make many investors wildly rich. Today, I’ll tell you what happened, and explain why CNN called…

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[Photo] — A Picture is Worth 200% Gains

For decades, we walked through life with slow and steady technology progress. But then BOOM — the pace of innovation went hyperbolic. As consumers, it seems impossible to keep up: social media, voice-activated devices, Slack. But as investors, it’s even worse: staying on top of new technologies can mean the…

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Three Rules from a Startup Billionaire

Fred Wilson is one of the most successful startup investors in the world. He was an early investor in startups like Twitter, Twilio, and Etsy — all of which are now multi-billion-dollar publicly traded companies. That’s why he regularly tops Forbes’ “Midas List” of early-stage tech investors, and is rumored…

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Coronavirus Fears — Invest in this "Safe Haven" Now

This is terrifying. As we just learned, if the coronavirus stays on its current trajectory, more than 100 million people could be infected by the end of February. Furthermore, the impact on China’s economy — and thus, economies around the world — could be dire. But in the midst of…

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Two Stocks to Buy Now on Coronavirus Fears

As panic grows about the coronavirus, China’s stock market started the week by plunging nearly 10%. That’s its worst opening in 13 years. For the sake of everyone’s health, we’re sincerely hoping for the best. But as this relates to your finances, history proves that events like this can be…

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Dow Headed for 6,000!?

Over the past two weeks, the market has plummeted by more than 600 points. It’s not hard to see why: A sitting President has been impeached. The Wuhan coronavirus is turning into a global public health emergency. And given that we’re experiencing the longest-running bull market in history, the market…

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