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Retire with One Investment?

Yesterday, Matt laid out his “doomsday” scenario for the economy, the market, and your retirement plans. But even if you think the worst-case scenario won’t happen, one thing is clear: The stock market is no longer the growth engine it once was. I mean, with all the headwinds we’re facing…

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This is Your Doomsday Warning

President-elect Joe Biden is walking into a minefield. And no, I’m not referring to security risks at his inauguration today… I’m referring to the minefield that’s threatening all of us: A stock market that’s untethered from reality. You see, despite bad news from every direction — the coronavirus, inflation, unemployment,…

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Follow this rule for 1,000% returns…

Startups are a strange animal. Even though they have the potential to hand investors like you life-changing profits… They also have a high probability of failing. Makes sense. After all, startups are new enterprises searching for a profitable business model. The thing is, identifying a profitable business model can take…

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IPO Alert: 300,000x Your Money!?

Ever had a 10-bagger before? In other words, a single investment that returned 10x your money? How about a 1,000-bagger? That’s enough to turn a tiny investment of $500 into half-a-million dollars. Or what about a 300,000-bagger? That would turn $500 into $150 million. Gains like these might seem insane,…

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Retire from just ONE Investment

Editor's Note: Matt is traveling today with his family. So today, we’ll be re-publishing a popular article from our archives. This is a natural follow-up to Matt’s article from last week, where he introduced you to a startup investment you can get into today. Happy holidays! Two weeks before we started sheltering…

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Early-Stage Profit Opportunity: 99% Accuracy

Investment bank Morgan Stanley recently did something very peculiar: It told Google to give away one of its “smart speakers” to everyone in America — for free. The cost of this giveaway? About $3 billion. For the last hundred years, CEOs from top companies have relied on Morgan Stanley not…

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Make Your Fortune from Flying Cars

“We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.” Those words were written in 2011 by Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal and Palantir (PLDR), and the first outside investor in Facebook. He wrote them as part of a manifesto for his venture fund, Founders Fund. His comment was…

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Tell Your Boss: "I QUIT!"

Imagine walking into work tomorrow, looking your boss in the eye, and saying… “I QUIT!” Then you could head home, kick up your feet, and start enjoying retirement! And here’s the best part: your bills are paid, and you couldn't care less whether the market is going up or down.…

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URGENT: Retirement Crisis

In his article last week, Wayne addressed a frightening situation in America: The retirement crisis. As he explained, two threats are conspiring to destroy your retirement plans. Threat No. 1 is a stock-market correction. You see, we’re currently in the longest-running bull market in history. But at some point, especially…

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Your $1 Million Retirement Plan

If you’re close to 50 years old (or older), you need to read this immediately… Because your retirement is in jeopardy. This isn’t about not being able to retire “on time.” It’s about not being able to retire at all. But it’s not too late to act… As you’ll learn today,…

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